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Each contact receiving a message will consume 1 credit, longer messages consume more.
Every 30-seconds (call) or 160-characters (text) will cost 1 credit per recipient.
Monthly plans do not use credits. (see limits)

Credits or monthly, which one is right for me?

All free trial accounts are on our pay-as-you-go plan and start with 25 free credits to get yous started. You can buy more credits, or subscribed to a monthly plan later.

Mass Text Messaging

icon-checkmark-blue    Buy credits to send messages when needed

icon-checkmark-blue   Buying more credits at one time will lower per credit pricing

icon-checkmark-blue    Each number receiving a message uses 1 credit, and longer messages use additional credits

icon-checkmark-blue    MMS, or messages with images, use 2 credits

icon-checkmark-blue    Great for high-volume, or occasional, senders who reach different contacts


icon-checkmark-blue    Monthly plans do not use credits

icon-checkmark-blue   Reach your contacts anytime (see limits)

icon-checkmark-blue    Group size is determined by the count of unique numbers you message each month

icon-checkmark-blue    Keywords, auto-replies, transfers, and API are not available

icon-checkmark-blue    Great for consistent senders who reach the same group(s) each month

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