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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything! When you create a free account with Text-Em-All, you get access to every feature of our service. We’ll also give you 25 free credits so you can send a few test messages.
Never! When you create a free account, it’s yours forever. You won’t be able to do much once your free credits run out, but if you need a few days (or months) to think about whether you want to upgrade, that’s fine. Take your time.
Once you decide we’re a good fit, simply click the “upgrade your trial” button in the application. You’ll be prompted to choose a pricing plan which will upgrade your account. You can learn more about our pricing plans here.

No action is required on your part to cancel your account—you’ll never be billed if you don’t upgrade. If you have a monthly subscription and want us to stop your billing, simply let us know or pause your account in the application.

If you decide that Text-Em-All isn’t a good fit, we'd love to hear your feedback. Just send a quick email to support@text-em-all.com.