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More secure business text messaging

Verified SMS (VSMS) works by verifying that content is sent by a specific business or organization. When a text message is verified, recipients see the sender's business name, the sender's business logo, and a verification badge in the message thread. 

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  • Ensures the authenticity of your message
  • Reduces fraud risk and prevents scams
  • Builds your brand
  • Establishes trust in digital communication
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Boosts engagement

What does Verified SMS (VSMS) look like?





  • Your business name, business icon logo, and
    a verification badge are located at the top of
    the message thread

  • Avoid having your text messages come up
    under Spam Protection

  • All communications between businesses and
    Google are secure, and message content is
    never shared with Google. 

What to expect

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The Text-Em-All application and broadcast
setup process will remain the same.

Currently available to eligible Android users.
VSMS is not supported on Apple iOS.

VSMS works for SMS messages, but does not
work for MMS messages (picture).

How to get started with Google Verified SMS


Contact your dedicated
Account Manager


Provide Text-Em-All with
a business icon logo


Confirm the verification
process with Google

Text-Em-All customers using Verified SMS

Arrow Workforce Solutions, Preferred Homecare, and Time Staffing are among the first brands to send
text messages with Verified SMS. And more customers are signing up to be verified every day.


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