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COVID-19 Exposure & Notification Requirements

One of the key defenses against spreading the disease is alerting people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Since retail stores, restaurants, and other public spaces see a lot of foot traffic, there’s a higher chance that an individual could be infected with COVID-19 in the presence of other people. Therefore, the responsibility of alerting individuals typically falls on the business owner’s hands.

Learn about COVID-19 Notification Requirements

Individuals you should notify:
  • Employees exposed to individuals testing positive
  • Other employees in the same workspace
  • Clients that visited your workplace
  • Contractors that visited your workplace
  • Contacts the employee may have visited

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How You Can Use Vaccine Distribution Messaging During the Pandemic

A year into the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and health providers are leaning on text notifications to inform and help get the public vaccinated against COVID-19. As opposed to phone calls, which people are less likely to answer, as well as the strain on resources that a team of callers demands, vaccine distribution is indeed much quicker and easier with the power of texting. 

Here are a few ways that vaccine distribution messaging is being leveraged by the health industry during the pandemic.

Gauge the Community's Vaccine Interest

One of the truths about a modern-day vaccine rollout is that many Americans are unsure if they should get get a shot that could save their lives and help their local communities guard against the spread of COVID. But with vaccine distribution messaging, it's easy to send out a quick message to the community, asking if staff, vendors or patients are willing to take the vaccine. 

With an easy "Yes" or "No" response, you can gather real-time data and make the proper decision about what to do next, such as ramp up your informational efforts or planning for a bigger interest than had been anticipated.

Disseminate Updates

If you need to reach a large number of people quickly, there are few methodologies that are as far-reaching and affordable as text messaging. From sharing vaccine availability to locations where vaccine shots are taking place, it's easy to prime your audience with COVID vaccine distribution messaging and simple notifications whenever you have information to share. 

Things such as eligibility and the timeline for distribution are also a cinch with text messaging, and that can help keep your phones free for those that need other kinds of help.

Educate and Share Your Process

Since there are so many questions about COVID vaccines out there, text messaging is a great way to inform the public and your audience of how it all works, including what vaccines are being administered and what patients may need to bring to their vaccine appointment. Others may be worried about how they'll respond to the vaccine, but text messaging makes it easy to provide helpful links for further reading if there's a concern.

Text messaging is also an ideal way to deal with misinformation, myths and misconceptions, as well as providing answers to patients' frequently asked questions. It only takes a second to click a link in a text message and have the full power of the web to explain any issue, and that can go a long way towards helping to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Coordinate Vaccine Administration

When vaccines are in-hand and it's time to start getting them into people's arms, a simple text is one of the best ways to get your vaccine distribution messaging out there. Whether you're sending instructions about how to register for a vaccine appointment to scheduling each and every appointment, a text is an ideal vehicle since it's so immediate. 

By easily sharing date, time and location for each appointment, along with directions to the vaccine site and what to expect, you can skip all the confusion around a vaccine appointment, even if the appointment itself needs to be rescheduled -- texts can do that, too!

Keep Vaccine Recipients in the Know

After a vaccine shot, text messaging is ideal for scheduling a follow-up visit for a second dose or to share common side effects so that vaccine recipients don't clog up your phone lines with simple questions that can be better answered elsewhere. You'll even be able to collect information about common side effects from those that have received a vaccine shot so that you can help streamline the rest of your vaccine rollout.


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