The Text-Em-All story

In the summer of 2005, Brad Herrmann, Hai Nguyen, Dick Herrmann, and Stephen Barclay started a company with a radical idea: what’s right for our team, customers, and community is also what’s right for the business.

Spoiler alert: it worked. Today our service is trusted by over 44,000 organizations, and our employees leave work smiling. Our mission to have a positive impact and be a better kind of mass messaging service is coming true every day.

“We think the world would be better if nice people finished first.”
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We're different because we care.

Our shared humanity connects us. We feel for each other and help in ways big and small.
The courage to be imperfect, to show up and be real, to be honest, to be our true selves.
Shared excellence
We know our best can always be better, and great things are never done alone.

Making a #positiveimpact in the community

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Meet the team

Brad Herrmann President & Founder "The Cheerleader"
Hai Nguyen Head of Product & Founder "The Dreamcrusher"
Stephen Barclay Technology Adviser & Founder "The Bearded Hacker"
Dick Herrmann Business Adviser & Founder "Lucky D"
Marsha Jackson HR Administrator & Bookkeeper "The Texas Hammer"
Thomas Hoffman Sr. Account Manager "T$"
Attila Vari Principal Software Engineer "The Chiropractor"
Jay Tollerene Head of Operations "The Robot"
Jason Thomas Software Engineer "The Eye Of The Storm"
Sabrina White Head of People Experience "Sunny With A Chance"
Chris Mayer Principal Software Engineer "Dr. Boogie"
Jeanette Alfaro Customer Experience Team Lead "Superfan"
Cory Shinn Account Manager "The Eagle Has Landed"
Chanelle Miller Office Manager "The Regulator"
Jon Melton Account Manager "The Penguin"
Mike Mathew Sr. Software Engineer "Drummer Boy"
Tera Fondren Sr. Customer Experience Specialist "Bear"
Jeff Ogata Head of Engineering "Grand Slam"
Ron Kinkade Head of Marketing "Shy Ronnie"
Lauren Gannon Account Manager "Catwoman"
Frank Norton Sr. Software Engineer "Hacky Sack King"
Dave Hamilton Principal Software Engineer "Top Gun"
Sam Stokes Technical Support Specialist "The Terminator"
Megan Reninger Digital Marketing Analyst "Bake Boss"
Jared Olfers Head of Client Relationships "Coach"
Brittney Barnes Customer Experience Specialist "Prom Queen"
Humberto Lopez Sr. Software Engineer "Rockstar"
Mahasweta Sarma Software Engineer "Songbird"
Alexis Solomon Customer Experience Champion "Cheat Sheet"
Christopher Roth Software Engineer "Biff"
Jon Miller Software Engineer "Ricky Bobby"
Lea Tellez Visual Designer "TBD"
Derek Schaab Sr. Software Engineer "Data Dawg"
Salman Karim Software Engineer "The Natural"
Sarah Cook Customer Experience Champion "TBD"
Reanna Siegrist Customer Experience Champion "TBD"
Lisa Lopez Customer Experience Champion "TBD"
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