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Reach candidates through our text recruiting software

Staffing, recruiting, and talent acquisition teams can reach large groups of candidates and improve employee engagement with our all-in-one text recruiting platform.

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Built for staffing firms like yours

When we started Text-Em-All in 2005, our mission was to give staffing firms a simple way to reach top talent faster. Over the years, we've enhanced our calling & texting services and features to make us the industry leader.


99% Deliverability

Once a message leaves our texting platform, it gets reviewed, checked for spam, and could even get blocked by an aggregator or mobile carrier. We'll provide you with detailed delivery results and proactively resolve issues.


Designed for teams

Competitors like to charge per number, or per user, and lock you into contracts. With us, you get unlimited users & numbers. Users can share a number or have assigned numbers. We provide detailed reporting on both.


Customized for you

Text-enable your existing phone numbers (we can do that), develop custom reports, help with training/setup, customize unread message notifications, or onboard teams, branches, locations — we've got the expertise to help you!

Engage candidates and employees

Our candidate engagement software has changed the way companies engage potential applicants and employees. Our service enables you to text or call large groups with a single broadcast, saving you time and effort. Replies to a text broadcast become private 2-way text conversations, which you can manage and respond to from your Inbox.

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Here are some good use cases:

icon-checkmark-blue    Send out job alerts

icon-checkmark-blue    Schedule interviews

icon-checkmark-blue    Conduct initial screenings

icon-checkmark-blue    Request missing timesheets

icon-checkmark-blue    Confirm schedules

icon-checkmark-blue    Answer questions

icon-checkmark-blue    Deliver emergency notifications

icon-checkmark-blue    Send important announcements

Texting or calling, we've got you covered.

Our easy-to-use service gives you the tools to send important messages fast,
no matter how many people you need to contact.

Mass Text Messaging

icon-checkmark-blue    Setup keywords and auto-replies

icon-checkmark-blue   Launch text surveys

icon-checkmark-blue    Manage replies & send individual messages

icon-checkmark-blue    Text from your existing business number

icon-checkmark-blue    Create templates and personalization

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Automated Calling

icon-checkmark-blue    Schedule messages in advance

icon-checkmark-blue   Adjust call speed to regulate reply volume

icon-checkmark-blue    Save recorded messages for future use

icon-checkmark-blue    Leave voicemails if contacts don’t answer

icon-checkmark-blue    Let contacts easily connect to a live person

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Simple. Transparent.
No contracts, hidden fees, or pushy sales.

Too many awesome choices? 92% of HR/staffing organizations choose our Credits plan.


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Powerful features for text recruiting




Quickly respond to candidate inquiries at any time with our auto-replies feature. Auto-replies help improve the candidate experience by providing immediate and informative responses, even outside of regular businesses hours. Additionally, auto-replies can help organizations save time and resources, freeing up recruiters to focus on higher-level tasks and reducing the risk of candidate frustration due to slow responses. 




Automate responses based on certain keywords or phrases used by candidates in their texts with our keywords feature.  For example, you can set up keywords like "APPLY" or "JOB" that trigger an automated response with a link to your organization's job board or application portal. This streamlines the application process and improves the candidate experience by providing immediate and relevant responses to candidate inquiries. 




Personalization is a key feature of any text recruiting software that helps organizations build stronger connections with applicants and improves their overall engagement. With personalization, organizations can customize their messages with candidate-specific information, such as their name, position of interest, or other relevant details. This builds trust and credibility, as it shows that the organization values and respects their individual needs and preferences.  



Analytics and detailed reporting

When choosing between text recruiting platforms, make sure you can track and analyze the performance of your text recruiting campaigns, including metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. With this information, you can adjust your approach to make your campaigns more effective and efficient. Additionally, detailed reporting can help you identify patterns in candidate behavior, giving you insights into which messaging resonates best with your target audience.

Staffing ATS software integrations

Easily integrate Text-Em-All with these ATS solutions.

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