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Don’t wait for Sunday

Thousands of church leaders rely on Text-Em-All (formerly Call-Em-All) to engage with their congregants, volunteers, employees, and visitors using voice and text messaging.

Our automated messaging service helps increase church attendance and build stronger relationships with church members through an easy-to-use interface, seamless integrations, and compassionate customer care.

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Here are some good ideas:
  • Prayer requests
  • Devotionals
  • Bible study groups
  • Church events
  • Choir & band rehearsals
  • Volunteer requests
  • Additional service times

Texting or calling, we’ve got you covered

Our easy-to-use service gives you the tools to send important messages fast, no matter how many people you need to contact.

Mass Texting

  • Automatically detect mobile numbers
  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Manage replies and carry on conversations
  • Text from your business number (even landlines)
  • Access templates and personalize texts

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Automated Calling

  • Schedule calls in advance
  • Adjust call speed to regulate reply volume
  • Save recorded messages for future use
  • Leave voicemails if contacts don’t answer
  • Let contacts easily connect to a live person

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Church management software integrations

Easily integrate Text-Em-All with these church management solutions:

Affordable, no-hidden-fee pricing

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Pay-as-you-go 5¢-9¢ per message
Price dependent on how many message credits you purchased. One credit is good for one 30-second call or 160-character text.
Monthly subscription starting at $7.50 per month
Price varies based on how many unique phone numbers you contact each month. Message your contacts as much as you like.

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"Your service is inexpensive, and it is very easy. In less than two minutes, I can get an important message out to all my contacts. That saves hours of calls. Well worth it!"

Rev. Raymond DeLaurier


"We had an old Phone Tree on our phone system and it tied up the phone while in use. It is good not to have to worry about it now. Calls go out much quicker."

Annette Jackson


"Easy to use, always works like it's supposed to and when I had a problem, customer service handled it quickly and were very friendly and courteous! Awesome service!"

Ronald Gray

Frequently Asked Questions

Text messaging has become increasingly popular in many circles, and churches and religious communities can undoubtedly benefit from its implementation. 

When announcements to church members need to be sent for various functions — from community outreach, bible study, and connecting with first-time guests to choir practice and childcare - using a church texting service is a simple answer to your church communication issues.

You don't want to annoy your congregation and others associated with your church by sending daily text messages. Instead, limit your church communications to weekly or monthly broadcasts.

While it's an important "rule" in church text messaging etiquette, it also means you won't run out of things to tell people!

You can send out messages more frequently if you've segmented your church contact groups into smaller groups for specific events. For example, if a group from the church is helping lead a women's bible study on Monday nights, you may want to send out reading reminders and location updates more often.

You can always invite people to contact you if they need your help and support. Only in those cases should you message people more frequently. Try to keep your messages to a weekly or monthly frequency in all other cases.

Absolutely! Several features allow church congregants to respond to your text messages.

By text, you can use the conversations section of your account to manage replies. You can view and respond to any responses all in one place!

Using the survey broadcast option, recipients that answer the call live can indicate a single response using their keypad.

Receiving a text message through our system is the same as receiving a standard text message. Recipients are responsible for their individual data plans. There is no additional or added cost to receiving our messages.

Similar to phone calls, text messages must come from a pre-designated number which can be a toll-free or local phone number.

When you create a new account you are automatically assigned a local text number for use. You can enable your own business number for texting, however, you must authorize them to send and receive texts with our carrier before use.

Yes! We are integrated with Church Community Builder, Church Office Online, FellowshipOne, and Icon Systems.

We strive to delight our clients by being easy to work with - from simple, no-contract pricing to the straightforward, practical solutions we build. We work hard to get the details right and are driven by a genuine desire to help make things easier for our clients. Yes, we’re experts in our field. More than that, our clients find us to be partners they can depend on. So, expect us to be professional, knowledgeable, and personable!

Text-Em-All is entirely self-funded and is still managed by the same people that founded the company back in 2005. Brad Herrmann and Hai Nguyen are in it for the long haul and are dedicated to building a truly excellent small business. To get to know us, check out our employee-created Manifesto and our active participation in the Small Giants Community.

Practical ways for a church to use mass texting

Communication can be costly in both time and money. The resources aren’t there to provide all the communication necessary to keep a large congregation informed for many religious organizations.

Church and religious institutions suffer the most from limited funds and resources. They may not also have all the necessary time, staffing, or finances to communicate daily business operations. With work falling on the shoulders of volunteers, communication may fall short.

However, churches can improve the speed and ease of communication due to today's technological innovations. When announcements to congregants need to be sent for various church-related functions — from community outreach and bible study to choir practice and childcare- using church texting services is a simple answer to a complex communication issue.

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Youth Group

It's no surprise that the segment that utilizes innovative technology the most is probably youth groups. Youth leaders and other organizers can use mass text messaging to communicate with parents. Still, they can also send the same messages directly to the youth who are already savvy about smartphone usage.

No matter how big or small the youth group, having a text or voice message to serve as a reminder about upcoming meeting times, trips, outings, fundraisers, and community outreach would be an easy way to communicate. The youth could greatly benefit from it.

Virtual Weekly Announcements

Church attendees once depended on the announcements portion at Sunday worship to stay up to date with all the upcoming events for the church community. Or, if they missed a Sunday, they reached out to a fellow member for the information.

With such busy schedules, multiple commitments, and an increasing number of children's extracurricular activities being scheduled closer and closer to worship times, relying on Sunday morning announcements isn't always realistic.

Don't wait for Sundays! With a church texting service, important upcoming events can be communicated to every congregation member so that everyone stays informed regardless of their attendance rate.

This texting service is beneficial because the information sent via text can be forwarded easily to family members and friends of the church who may not yet be on the distribution list.

Instant Feedback

Just like any other institution or business, churches need to know how they’re doing on performance — what they are doing right and what they need to improve on — from their congregation’s point of view.

Comment cards can be useful, but an even more direct method that results in instant feedback is bulk text messaging. Churches can customize requests for feedback depending on the occasion, the service, or the need.

The type of feedback requested can change as often as the church needs it to, and it can be delivered regularly so that the leaders know at any given time how they are doing in a particular area, and what they need to continue to improve upon.


A Sense Of Community

Depending on the size and activity of the church or religious organization, a congregation can consist of many complicated moving parts, all working together for the common good.

Sometimes within all the organized chaos, becoming disconnected from other members of the church can be unavoidable. Mass texting allows instant and direct communication between all members so that those coordinating those moving parts don’t feel as inaccessible as they could otherwise. In addition, personalized messaging is an easy way to ensure members feel known and connected to their church, no matter the size of the congregation.

Some churches are multi-campus churches, complicating the church communication strategy. Church text messaging can help keep church plants in the loop and a part of the conversation.

Leaders and coordinators in the church or religious organization can also use church texting to communicate prayer requests, concerns of other members, and messages of inspiration not just on Sundays but any day of the week. This provides deeper relationships between the congregation and leadership. Mass texting can help bring the church into members’ daily lives instead of waiting for Sunday.

Fast Communication

One of the best benefits of mass communication is the ability to instantly communicate last-minute changes and cancellations. Members can throw away their phone trees and not worry about making sure they connect with the next person on the phone chain to spread the word. With text messaging, the short notice cancellation or change in meeting time and place is instantaneously conveyed to everyone who needs to know.

And, by segmenting your texting software into subject-specific contact groups such as choir, youth group, children’s church, community outreach, staff, and fundraising groups, the right people can see the appropriate messages without spamming the rest of the church congregation.

Email Newsletter Reminders

Mass texting by the church or religious organization can serve as an extension of content delivered by email. For example, many churches send out a monthly newsletter. Mass texts can help to highlight the essential parts of the newsletter, and remind congregation members to open their email to read the details. Texts can be sent out notifying members of changes to the church website, especially if the site contains information that members rely on daily.


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