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Text-Em-All is an easy-to-use application that will meet your college or university’s communication needs. Our automated group messaging service allows colleges and universities to automatically send calls or text messages to every student, fast.

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Here are some good ideas:
  • Tuition due alerts
  • Financial aid deadlines
  • Registration and cancellation reminders
  • Weather alerts and cancellations
  • Emergency situations
  • Student and staff surveys
  • Incoming student welcome messages
  • Alumni Communication

University of Louisville answers the student communication question with Text-Em-All.

Every year, University of Louisville is faced with the challenge of effectively communicating with thousands of prospective students and approximately 2,600 incoming students. UofL freshman are usually met with a flurry of information while they hastily assimilate to campus culture.

Using Text-Em-All, UofL discovered that text messages were the best way to cut through the chatter.

One text message blast offered incoming freshmen a week of free campus parking if they responded with the three things they were most excited for in the upcoming year. The flood of responses was astounding.

University of Louisville answers the student communication question with Text-Em-All.
“We always challenge ourselves to find fun and creative ways to communicate with our students. Students love to text, and we found that it’s the easiest and fastest way to get a response.”
Elizabeth Fitgerald
Coordinator of communications for UofL’s office of admissions

Texting or calling, we’ve got you covered.

Our easy-to-use service gives you the tools to send important messages fast, no matter how many people you need to contact.

Mass Texting

  • Automatically detect mobile numbers
  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Manage replies and carry on conversations
  • Text from your business number (even landlines)
  • Access templates and personalize texts

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Automated Calling

  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Adjust call speed to regulate reply volume
  • Save recorded messages for future use
  • Leave voicemails if contacts don’t answer
  • Let contacts easily connect to a live person

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Affordable, no-hidden-fee pricing

Two plans to choose from. Not sure which is best for you? Try our calculator.
Pay-as-you-go 5¢-9¢ per message
Price dependent on how many message credits you purchased. One credit is good for one 30-second call or 160-character text.
Monthly subscription starting at $7.50 per month
Price varies based on how many unique phone numbers you contact each month. Message your contacts as much as you like.

FAQs about mass texting

Yes. Today’s college students prefer texting over just about any type of communication. Text is fast, it’s instant, and it’s easy to manage. From an educator’s standpoint, it’s a way to share critical information with students who are already pressed for time.

Research shows that today’s college students prefer text messaging. In fact, they don’t often even respond to more traditional outreach, such as phone or email.

Consider these statistics:

  • Three-quarters of all college-aged individuals would choose a text-only phone over a voice-only phone.
  • The text services most valued by this group are appointment reminders, surveys, notifications, and promotions.
  • Students think that text is less invasive than other types of messaging.
  • Students like text reminders because it’s one less thing to manage.

There are. The two main regulations to keep in mind when it comes to privacy and texting are the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The FERPA act simply states that a student's information should be kept private. In other words, only those who have a legitimate need to see the student’s data should be able to. FERPA regulations do not apply to prospective students.

TCPA laws are much broader. They are not specific to education and apply to everyone, whether they're current students, parents, alumni or even prospective students. It's also a best practice keep all regulations currently in place for phone call and email communications and apply them to all texting communications as well.

You can read more about these laws here.

With something as critical as education, it’s crucial to stay on top of things. For colleges, using text messaging to reach students is a way to connect with them on their terms and help them keep up with the challenges of completing their studies.

Some of the ways a text messaging service can help include:

  • Registration and tuition reminders
  • Scholarship and bursary deadlines
  • Class updates and cancellations
  • Extreme weather alerts
  • Orientation/ student welcome messages
  • On-campus residential alerts
  • Event invitations, such as parent/family week
  • Team tryouts
  • Examination make-up dates
  • Communicating with alumni
  • Coordinating meetings and appointments


Whether your school welcomes hundreds or thousands of students each year, establishing an efficient way to communicate is essential. From the student’s standpoint, a text is preferred. From the college’s perspective, it’s a way to ensure the message is received.

We have several reports in your account. Some reports are related to the billing and credit usage and other reports provide detailed call results for individual numbers. For larger clients, we are happy to provide custom reports at no charge.


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