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Inform & Engage Your Contacts With 67 Free SMS Templates

Need help creating effective business texts? Use our collection of free non-promotional text message templates to communicate, engage your contacts, and boost productivity.

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In a world flooded with promotional messages, mastering the art of non-promotional texting is key to genuine engagement. Whether you need to make announcements or send reminders, clear, concise texts ensure your messages stand out and resonate with your audience. 

Promotional vs. Non-Promotional SMS: What's the Difference?

While many SMS marketing campaigns aim to promote products or services, non-promotional messages serve informational, transactional, or relational purposes. Understanding this difference allows you to tailor their SMS strategies for optimal engagement and compliance.

Text-Em-All's responsible use policy does not allow marketing, political, sales, or fundraising messages on our platform. The templates below are examples only. Read our article on text messaging best practices for more tips.

How to Create Your Own SMS Templates

Are you looking to craft compelling SMS templates for your business communications? Follow these steps to ensure your messages are impactful and compliant with best practices:

1. Start with a Personalized Introduction

Begin your message with a friendly and personalized greeting. Use the recipient's name whenever possible to create a more engaging connection.

2. Immediately State the Purpose of the Message

Clearly and succinctly convey the reason for your message right from the start. This ensures recipients quickly understand the content and relevance of the SMS.

3. Insert Necessary Information

Include key details using bullet points for easy readability. This may include dates, times, locations, URLs, or any other pertinent information recipients need to know at a glance.

4. Include Your Business Name

Make your brand presence known by incorporating your business or organization's name within the message. This not only establishes credibility but also helps recipients identify the sender.

5. Include an Opt-Out Option

Prioritize compliance by providing recipients with a clear and easy way to opt out of receiving further messages. Ensure you include opt-out instructions, such as "Reply STOP to opt out."

For more guidance on crafting compelling text messages, read 6 tips for writing an effective text message.

67 Non-Promotional SMS Templates

Crafting text messages that resonate with your audience is crucial for effective communication. Here are some commonly used non-promotional SMS templates to kickstart your messaging.

Remember, these templates are just starting points. You should customize them to fit your specific needs and the tone of your organization. Also, remember to comply with all relevant laws and regulations when sending out mass text messages. 


Use SMS to share important news or updates swiftly and directly to your audience. This could range from policy or facility updates to company-wide announcements.

  1. General Announcement: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we are excited to announce that [Details of the Announcement]. Thank you for being part of our community. Best, [Your Name]"
  2. Policy Update: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we have updated our policies. Please visit [Link] to read the changes. Thank you, [Your Name]"

  3. Facility Update: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we have some maintenance improvements to our facilities on [Date]. Please prepare for visitors. Best, [Your Name]"

  4. Change in Operating Hours: "Hello [Recipient's Name], our operating hours will change to [New Hours] for the summer months. Thank you for your understanding. Best, [Your Name]

  5. Holiday Closure: "Dear [Employee Name], we will be closed on [Date] for [Holiday]. We will resume normal operations on [Date]. Best, [Your Name]"

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and enhance appointment attendance by sending timely reminder text messages. Keep individuals informed about upcoming appointments and provide easy options for rescheduling or confirmation.

  1. Appointment Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder for your appointment scheduled on [Date] at [Time]. Please let us know if you need to reschedule. Best, [Your Name]"
  2. Appointment Confirmation: "Dear [Recipient's Name], your appointment on [Date] at [Time] has been confirmed. We look forward to seeing you. [Your Name]"
  3. Appointment Cancellation: "Hello [Recipient's Name], your appointment scheduled on [Date] has been cancelled. Please contact us to reschedule. [Your Name]"
  4. Appointment Change: "Dear [Recipient's Name], there has been a change in your appointment. The new date and time is [Date and Time]. Please confirm. [Your Name]"
  5. Appointment Follow-up: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we hope your appointment on [Date] went well. Please share your feedback at [Link]. [Your Name]"

Employee Communication

Foster efficient and effective internal communication by using SMS for employee-related messages. Keep your workforce informed and engaged, whether it's meeting reminders, policy updates, or team-building event invitations.

  1. Meeting Reminder: "Dear [Employee's Name], this is a reminder for our meeting scheduled on [Date] at [Time]. Looking forward to your presence. Regards, [Your Name]"
  2. Policy Update: "Hello [Employee's Name], we have updated our company policies. Please review them at [Link]. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  3. Holiday Announcement: "Dear [Employee's Name], please note that our office will be closed on [Date] for [Holiday]. Enjoy your day off! Best, [Your Name]"
  4. Performance Review: "Hello [Employee's Name], your performance review is scheduled for [Date]. Please prepare accordingly. Best, [Your Name]"
  5. Team Building Event: "Dear [Employee's Name], join us for a team-building event on [Date] at [Location]. Let's strengthen our team spirit! Best, [Your Name]"

Emergency Alerts

Leverage mass texting to send critical information in emergencies quickly. Send emergency alerts, security notifications, or natural disaster warnings to ensure the safety of your audience.

  1. General Emergency: "Urgent: There is an ongoing emergency in [Location]. Please stay safe and follow the instructions from local authorities. [Your Organization]"
  2. Security Alert: "Security Alert: Suspicious activity reported in [Location]. Please stay vigilant and report any unusual activity. Stay safe, [Your Organization]"
  3. Natural Disaster Warning: "Urgent: [Type of Disaster] warning for [Location]. Please take necessary precautions and stay safe. [Your Organization]"
  4. Health Emergency: "Alert: Health emergency declared in [Location]. Please follow health guidelines and stay safe. [Your Organization]"
  5. Infrastructure Issue: "Alert: [Type of Infrastructure] issue reported at [Location]. Please avoid the area and stay safe. [Your Organization]"

Event Communication

Enhance event coordination and attendance with SMS. From invitations and reminders to updates and cancellations, keep participants well-informed and engaged throughout the event lifecycle.

  1. Event Invitation: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we are pleased to invite you to our free event, [Event Name], on [Date] at [Location]. Please RSVP at [Link]. Best, [Your Name]"
  2. Event Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder for [Event Name] happening on [Date]. We look forward to seeing you there! [Your Name]"
  3. Event Update: "Dear [Recipient's Name], there has been a change in the schedule/location for [Event Name]. Please check [Link] for updates. Best, [Your Name]"
  4. Event Cancellation: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we regret to inform you that [Event Name] has been canceled due to [Reason]. We apologize for any inconvenience. [Your Name]"
  5. Event Follow-up: "Dear [Recipient's Name], thank you for attending [Event Name]. We hope you had a great time! Please share your feedback at [Link]. Best, [Your Name]"

Event Planning

  1. Planning Meeting Invitation: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we are holding a planning meeting for [Event Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Your input would be valuable. Please join us. [Your Name]"
  2. Task Assignment: "Hello [Recipient's Name], you have been assigned the task of [Task] for [Event Name]. Please let us know if you have any questions. [Your Name]"
  3. Deadline Reminder: "Dear [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder that [Task] for [Event Name] is due on [Date]. Please let us know if you need any assistance. [Your Name]"
  4. Progress Update Request: "Hello [Recipient's Name], could you please provide an update on your progress with [Task] for [Event Name]? Thank you, [Your Name]"
  5. Event Planning Update: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we have made some changes to the plan for [Event Name]. Please check [Link] for updates. [Your Name]"

Health/Safety Reminders

  1. Health Check Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder for your health check-up due on [Date]. Please schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience. Stay healthy, [Your Name]"
  2. Safety Protocol Reminder: "Dear [Recipient's Name], please remember to follow the safety protocols while at [Location/Event]. Your safety is our priority. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  3. Medication Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder to take your medication at [Time]. Stay healthy, [Your Name]"
  4. Exercise Reminder: "Dear [Recipient's Name], this is your daily reminder to exercise. Keep up the good work! [Your Name]"
  5. Health Update: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we have a new health update for you. Please check [Link] for more information. Stay healthy, [Your Name]"

Prayer Requests

Express care and support by sending prayer requests or messages of condolence via text. Keep your community connected during challenging times and share positive thoughts and support.

  1. Prayer Request: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we are gathering prayers for [Person/Reason]. We would appreciate your joining us in sending positive thoughts and prayers. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  2. Condolence Message: "Dear [Recipient's Name], our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. [Your Name]"
  3. Healing Prayer Request: "Hello [Recipient's Name], [Person's Name] needs healing prayers. Please join us in praying for their speedy recovery. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  4. Prayer Meeting: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we are holding a prayer meeting for [Person/Reason] on [Date] at [Location/Online Link]. We hope you can join us. [Your Name]"
  5. Prayer Thank You: "Hello [Recipient's Name], thank you for your prayers and support for [Person/Reason]. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. [Your Name]"

Payment Reminders

Optimize your payment collection process by sending friendly payment reminders by text. Promptly notify recipients of upcoming due dates, late payment notices, or payment confirmations.

  1. Payment Due: "Dear [Recipient's Name], this is a friendly reminder that your payment of [Amount] is due on [Date]. You can make the payment at [Link]. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  2. Late Payment: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we noticed that your payment due on [Date] has not been received. Please make the payment at your earliest convenience. [Your Name]"
  3. Payment Confirmation: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we have received your payment of [Amount]. Thank you for your prompt payment. [Your Name]"
  4. Payment Issue: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we encountered an issue processing your payment. Please contact us at [Contact Information] to resolve this. [Your Name]"
  5. Upcoming Payment: "Dear [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder that your next payment of [Amount] is due on [Date]. Please plan accordingly. [Your Name]"

Recruiting, Hiring, Job & Shift Fills

Streamline your recruitment and hiring processes by using SMS for job opportunity announcements, interview invitations, job offers, shift reminders, and shift fill requests.

  1. Job Opportunity: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we have a job opening for the position of [Job Title]. If you're interested, please apply at [Link]. Best, [Your Name]"
  2. Interview Invitation: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we were impressed by your application for [Job Title]. We'd like to invite you for an interview on [Date] at [Time]. Please confirm your availability. Best, [Your Name]"
  3. Job Offer: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we are pleased to offer you the position of [Job Title]. Please contact us for further details. Congratulations! [Your Name]"
  4. Shift Reminder: "Hello [Employee's Name], this is a reminder for your shift on [Date] from [Start Time] to [End Time]. Please let us know if there are any issues. [Your Name]"
  5. Shift Fill Request: "Dear [Employee's Name], we have an open shift on [Date] from [Start Time] to [End Time]. Please let us know if you can cover it. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  6. Job Application Acknowledgement: "Hello [Recipient's Name], we have received your application for [Job Title]. We will review it and get back to you soon. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  7. Job Rejection: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we appreciate your interest in the [Job Title] position. After careful consideration, we have decided to move forward with another candidate. We encourage you to apply for future openings. Best, [Your Name]"

Severe Weather

Ensure the safety of your audience during severe weather conditions by delivering timely text message weather alerts, updates, and safety instructions.

  1. Weather Alert: "Weather Alert: Severe weather conditions expected in [Location]. Please stay safe and follow local weather updates. [Your Organization]"
  2. Weather Update: "Weather Update: The severe weather conditions in [Location] are expected to continue until [Time/Date]. Please stay indoors and stay safe. [Your Organization]"
  3. Weather Improvement: "Good News: The weather conditions in [Location] have improved. It's safe to resume normal activities. Stay safe, [Your Organization]"
  4. Weather Cancellation: "Due to severe weather conditions in [Location], [Event/Activity] has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience. [Your Organization]"
  5. Weather Reschedule: "Hello [Recipient's Name], due to severe weather, [Event/Activity] has been rescheduled to [New Date and Time]. Please stay safe. [Your Organization]"

Surveys & Insights

Gather valuable insights and feedback by sending text surveys. Engage your audience with survey invitations, reminders, and result announcements directly to their mobile devices.

  1. Survey Invitation: "Dear [Recipient's Name], we value your opinion. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey at [Link]. Thank you, [Your Name]"
  2. Survey Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder to complete our survey at [Link]. Your feedback is important to us. [Your Name]"
  3. Survey Deadline: "Dear [Recipient's Name], the deadline to complete our survey is [Date]. Please share your valuable feedback at [Link]. [Your Name]"
  4. Survey Thank You: "Hello [Recipient's Name], thank you for completing our survey. Your feedback helps us improve. [Your Name]"
  5. Survey Result Announcement: "Dear [Recipient's Name], the results of our recent survey are now available at [Link]. Thank you for your participation. [Your Name]"

Vaccine/Immunization Reminders

Support public health initiatives by using SMS for vaccine and immunization reminders. Send alerts for upcoming appointments, vaccine availability, second dose reminders, and completion congratulations.

  1. Vaccine Appointment Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder for your vaccination appointment on [Date] at [Time]. Please bring your ID and insurance card. [Your Name]"
  2. Vaccine Availability: "Dear [Recipient's Name], the [Vaccine Name] vaccine is now available at our facility. Please schedule your appointment at [Link]. Stay safe, [Your Name]"
  3. Second Dose Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder to schedule your second dose of the [Vaccine Name] vaccine. Please book your appointment at [Link]. [Your Name]"
  4. Vaccine Completion: "Dear [Recipient's Name], congratulations on completing your [Vaccine Name] vaccination on [Date]. Remember to keep your vaccination card safe. [Your Name]"
  5. Immunization Reminder: "Hello [Recipient's Name], this is a reminder for your [Immunization Name] immunization due on [Date]. Please schedule your appointment. [Your Name]"

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