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Employee Ownership

In 2023, Text-Em-All implemented an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) and became 100% employee-owned.

Our video series on employee ownership features founder and employee perspectives on the impact of this unique transition.

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SaaS Thumbnail Q5
Advice for SaaS Companies

Advice for founders and leadership who are considering employee ownership.

Sabrina Thumbnail Q2
Employee Responsibility

Owners are stewards of company culture, responsible for doing their part to preserve it.

Thomas Thumbnail Q1
Values Centered Approach

Staying true to the company values was key in getting to where we are today.

Jason Thumbnail Q2
Being More Involved

Employees get to be involved in the future direction of the company as owners.

Jon Thumbnail Q2
Meaningful Work

Employee ownership brings to the forefront how your daily work has impact for future owners.

SaaS Thumbnail Q1
Redefining Success for SaaS

Success doesn't have to be a short-term payday. It can be something that exists long-term for everyone.

Jon Thumbnail Q1
Shared Benefits

Doing the right thing also means sharing those financial benefits a bit more together.

Sabrina Thumbnail Q3
Hiring Impact

Learn how hiring the right people matters tremendously to the company's future.

Jason Thumbnail Q3
Community Impact

Having a positive impact on the community is easier when you can think long-term.

Thomas Thumbnail Q3
Shared Excellence

Aligning as employee owners helps to develop a stronger sense of shared goals & success.

SaaS Thumbnail Q2
Fostering Employee Responsibility

Explore how employee ownership transforms responsibility within a SaaS company.

Sabrina Thumbnail Q1
Workplace Culture

People have the authority and autonomy to do the work they believe is most valuable.

Jason Thumbnail Q1
Values Alignment

Employee ownership creates an opportunity to share in the success of everyone's hard work.

Jon Thumbnail Q3
Workplace Excitement

Employee ownership brings excitement and a measure of responsibility.

SaaS Thumbnail Q4
Different Motivations

Being employee-owned shapes business motivations in a distinct way.

Thomas Thumbnail Q2
Founder Transparency

Decisions weren't made behind closed doors. We were kept in the loop along the way.

SaaS Thumbnail Q3
Bringing Stability

Explore the transformative impact of employee ownership in stabilizing the SaaS industry