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Make automated calls faster with our mass calling system

We believe everyone has something important to say. 

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Record and deliver voice messages


Personal Touch

Texts and emails can be impersonal, but hearing an actual voice can be more comforting. Calls are often preferred for the first contact and with older contacts.


Delivery Speed

Adjust the rate at which calls go out to keep your phone from ringing off the hook. Effective management of callbacks improves the experience for both you and your contacts.


Live transfers

One big advantage calls have over other communication methods is that your contacts can connect with you live with a single keypress.


Voicemail detection

When a voicemail system answers your call, our system will automatically restart your recording after the beep so that a complete message is left for your contact.


Make calls faster with our automated calling system

More than 44,000 organizations have relied on Text-Em-All's easy to use voice and texting service to quickly deliver messages to their contact groups. No marketing, political, or fundraising allowed. No short code mass text messaging service for sending mass information to contacts, we use toll-free or local numbers to deliver a mass text.


Detailed results for each voice broadcast

Text-Em-All is an easy-to-use voice and texting service that’s only for sending messages people actually want to receive like school closures, job openings, church services, trash pickup, emergency notifications... you get the picture.


Simple but powerful
An easy-to-use interface lets you schedule your mass texts, add images, respond privately to replies, and opt-out contacts. Plus you get free additional users, text numbers, and transparent pricing.

Reach large groups fast
Our mass texting service doesn't limit, or batch, the number of contacts in your broadcast. Five people or 50,000 - we'll get your text messages out fast.

Surveys and transfers
Our web based automated phone calls offer advanced features like surveys and live transfers.

Amazing results
Get detailed results for each call broadcast showing you live answers, voicemails, busy, and invalid numbers.

Questions about automated calling services

Benefits of an Automated Calling System

If you have a message that you need to get out to your audience, you have a few options. You could always spin up a marketing campaign for your website or on social media, but those messages will go unnoticed by those that aren't actively paying attention. An email could do the trick, but you may not have emails for all your customers and most marketing emails have low open rates and even lower conversion rates, which could mean all that effort won't really move the needle.

In general, a phone call is the ideal form of communication, but unless you have a team of willing associates to sit around and make calls all day, it'll take you forever to get the job done. The good news is that an automated calling system can help you make the calls you need to make without dragging down your human resources. After all, your staff has better things to do than to sit on the phone all day, and an automated calling system can get it all done in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.

Remind Clients of Appointments and Events

By recording a simple audio message once and disseminating it with an automated calling system, you can easily remind your customers of an upcoming appointment or that next big event. Don't waste hours on the phone repeating the same message over and over -- record it once and let the power of automation take care of the rest.

Get More Out of Your Time

Instead of spending all that time developing a script and teaching others to make calls on your behalf, an automated calling system allows you to record a message once and leverage it accordingly. That means you'll be able to get that information out there without spending days or weeks on it, and convenient reporting will let you know if there's anyone that you need to reach back out to.

Detect Voicemails and Act

Some automated calling systems are rather dumb. A list of numbers is fed in with each one called and the automated message played until the end of the list. But it's true that many will let the call go to voicemail if they're busy or otherwise unable to pick up, and that could mean leaving a partial message or none at all. With voicemail detection, we'll automatically play your message over after the beep so that no one misses out.

Call and Text Capabilities

For those that don't answer, you can also opt for texting, which is a great way to get the attention of someone that may prefer to interact asynchronously. The beauty of a text is that they can read and respond to the message at any time, and you can even include a helpful link to provide additional information and context. Since our automated calling system also includes a texting component, it's seamless to switch between calling and texting and back again based on your needs. In fact, our system can auto detect local landlines versus mobile numbers to determine whether to send your message as a text or voice call.

Transfer Automated Calls To a Live Person

With a lesser provider, you'll have to live and die by the success of your automated calling program. If callers need extra information or would like to speak to a live representative, they'll quickly learn about the limitations of interacting with an automated phone call. But with our offering, you can transfer anyone to a live person with just a single tap. That's more than you could ever do with a text or email, and it also means that you can extend your messaging with a helpful phone conversation at a moment's notice.

Text message or phone call?

While text messages are great, we’ve seen that during a crisis, people prefer phone calls. One of the main reasons is that you can deliver longer messages. At Text-Em-All, you can send up to a 2 minute recorded message or up to 320 characters in a text message. You can get a lot more into 2 minutes than you can 320 characters.

Maybe even more important is the personal nature of a phone call. With so many people sheltering in place, people must stay connected. It’s comforting to recognize a person’s voice and easier to understand the emotion behind a message.

The audience is also an important consideration. Older people may not be as comfortable texting, or may just find it impersonal.


Questions about pricing? We’re here for you.