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Accelerate your outreach with automated calls

Make every second count. Optimize your time and cut operational costs with an easy-to-use automated calling system.

Discover the power of automated calling



Personalized voice engagement

Texts and emails can be impersonal, but hearing an human voice can be more comforting. Calls are often preferred for the first contact and with older contacts.



Customizable call intervals

Adjust the rate calls go out to keep your phone from ringing off the hook. Effective management of callbacks improves the experience for both you and your contacts.



Instant live transfers

One big advantage calls have over other communication methods is that your contacts can connect with you live with a single keypress.



Automatic voicemail detection

When a voicemail system answers your call, our system will automatically restart your recording after the beep to leave a complete message for your contact.

Easy voice message recording and delivery

Text-Em-All is an easy-to-use voice and texting service that’s only for sending messages people actually want to receive like school closures, job openings, church services, trash pickup, emergency notifications... you get the picture.


User-friendly interface
Our easy-to-use interface lets you schedule your mass texts, add images, respond privately to replies, and opt-out contacts. Plus, you get free additional users, text numbers, and transparent pricing.

Advanced communication tools
Conduct phone surveys and gather valuable feedback directly through our web-based system.

Amazing results
Get detailed analytics for each call broadcast, with access to live answers, voicemail interactions, and details for busy and invalid numbers.


How to send an automated call



Record your message

Begin by recording a compelling audio message for your audience.



Upload your contacts

Easily upload your contact list. Text-Em-All supports a wide range of formats for easy integration.



Set Your Schedule

Whether it’s immediate or later, choose the perfect time to connect with your audience.



Analyze and Adapt

Access detailed analytics to evaluate the reach and impact of your messages and fine-tune your approach. 

Top uses for automated calling


Appointment Reminders

Meetings, events, payments, appointments — texting is the most effective way to reach people.


Event Notifications

Send event reminders, coordinate event staff schedules and updates, and manage event registrations.


Emergency notifications

Keep people informed when severe weather or other emergencies will impact them.


Customer Feedback Surveys

Gain insight, collect feedback, and make it easy for your contacts to respond to your questions through voice surveys.

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Educational Announcements

Increase engagement with students, alumni, and faculty through mass automated calling.


Service updates and outages

Texting is an easy way to let customers know when their electric, water, or trash service will be impacted.


Schedule Changes

Let your contacts know about schedule changes and update them immediately if there are any other changes.


Health and safety updates

Vaccination reminders, flu shot clinics, COVID case notifications — keep contacts updated.

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Payment Reminders

Remind your contacts of outstanding invoices and receive payments from customers.

Texting vs. calling

While texts are quick and convenient, phone calls are the preferred choice in moments that matter. Text-Em-All allows you to choose between a lengthy 320-character text or a more comprehensive 2-minute voice message. This flexibility means that important, complex messages can be communicated with the nuance and detail they deserve.

When deciding between a phone call or text message, consider the preferences of your audience. For example, older individuals might prefer the straightforward and personal nature of a phone call over a text message. 


Don't just call — connect with our automated calling service

Join the ranks of 44,000+ satisfied users who have transformed their outreach efforts with our reliable automated calling service.


Questions about automated calling services

Questions about pricing? We’re here for you.