We believe we can make a difference together.

In an industry people love to hate, we decided to be different. Making customers and employees happy is our strategic plan, and our culture is our competitive advantage.

At Text-Em-All, we want to do more than deliver messages - we want to make a positive impact. As a purpose-driven organization, you'll discover that we strive to be a joy to do business with, prioritize greatness over growth, and put people above profit.

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The Text-Em-All Manifesto


“Our values and manifesto aren't just talk; they guide everything we do and the decisions we make. As a result, we sleep better at night, love what we do, and have a great product.”

President & Co-founder of Text-Em-All 

Committed to ensuring our product is used responsibly.

Mass texting and calling have the power to make a huge impact. We want to ensure that the impact is a positive one for both users and recipients. We respectfully decline to work with any organization that plans to use the Text-Em-All product to send political, promotional, marketing, and/or charitable contribution messages; or message contacts who did not give consent to be reached.  Read our full responsible use policy here.


Committed to embracing diversity.

We built Text-Em-All with the understanding that it's our differences that make us stronger. Since day one, diversity and inclusion have been a functional part of our culture, policies, and guiding voice.

We believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace ensures that each person feels empowered to bring their authentic self to work. We are committed to embracing diversity and being the change in the world. It's simple for us – people come before profit.

Committed to making a #positiveimpact in our community.

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