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Mass text messaging helps you reach groups faster.

Increase response rates with text message templates that include custom fields like first name or appointment date/time.
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Our mass texting service doesn't limit your group size. Whether it’s a group of five or 5,000 - we’ll get your text out quickly.
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Along with detailed reporting and text delivery receipts, you can get notified and quickly respond to any message replies online.
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Schedule messages, picture messaging, notifications, auto opt-outs, free additional users, mobile app, and flexible pricing.

How long does it take to send a mass text message?

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  • 25
  • 50
  • 100
  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 5,000
  • 10,000
  • 25,000
No limits on group size
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Not convinced? Here's what our customers are saying.

* These are actual quotes from real customers!
I work for a small non-profit organization with a tight budget that has to frequently communicate with the people that we serve. Text-Em-All allows us to do that in a cost-effective, efficient way that also meets our clientele where they are. Honestly, Text-Em-All has shot forward our customer service about 20 years!

Jessica F

Chief Programs Officer

“The Text-Em-All mass text messaging platform allows me to reach our customers when needed to provide them important information concerning their accounts. This service is valuable in our business.”

Ed Young

General Manager at Taney County Public Water Supply District

The best thing to come out of the pandemic was discovering Text-Em-All. We are in the live event business, and this past weekend, with an unexpected cancellation three hours before a performance, we were able to reach all of our audience members quickly and efficiently with the news.


Entertainment Employee

My favorite part about Text-Em-All is the excellent attention to detail when it comes to compliance. It is so important to be on the "up and up" when it comes to making robocalls, and their diligence in making sure we are all in compliance is priceless. 


Administrator in Higher Education


Reach groups faster with our mass texting service

More than 44,000 organizations have relied on Text-Em-All's easy to use automated calling and mass texting service to quickly send a mass text to their contact groups. No sms marketing, political, or fundraising allowed. No short code mass text messaging service for sending mass information to contacts, we use toll-free or local numbers to send a mass text. Don't forget to check out our Conversations mobile app that let's you easily manage two-way conversations on the go!

Text messaging templates will save you time


Deliver your text messages faster with mass texting

Text-Em-All is an easy-to-use mass text messaging service that’s only used to send messages people actually want to receive like job openings, church services, school closures, emergency alerts... you get the picture.


An easy-to-use interface lets you schedule your mass texts, add images, respond privately to replies, and opt-out contacts. Plus you get free additional users, text numbers, and transparent pricing.

Our mass texting service doesn't limit, or batch, the number of contacts in your broadcast. Five people or 50,000 - we'll get your text messages out fast.

Insert fields like "first-name" to increase replies and save messages as templates to easily reuse them later.

Get detailed results when you send mass text messages showing you deliveries, fails, opt-outs, and replies. Perfect for bulk texting!

Personalized text messaging gets results


Research shows that text messages with personalization can yield a 4%-12% better response rate to your message. If you're looking to fill a job or shift quickly, get more responses to payment reminders, or even ensure more members of your congregation read a daily devotional - using text personalization with our mass texting services is the key.

When you personalize text messages, you are inserting custom fields into your text that automatically fill in with a contact's info. 


Questions about mass texting

Companies work with aggregators to deliver SMS messages. An SMS aggregator is the middleman between wireless carriers and the texting platform. Because service providers deal with large volumes of bulk text messaging, they can negotiate discounted pricing for a text messaging service. This allows providers to build enhanced features and interfaces and create mass texting applications that companies can use to deliver messages from the texting platform to their customers.

It doesn’t have to be. Text messaging is typically based on volume and how many additional features are available from the text messaging service provider. Many mass text messaging companies operate in an enterprise SaaS environment, locking customers into high-priced multi-year agreements.

Some of the standard pricing models include a recurring monthly fee with overages, a flat-rate monthly fee with unlimited messaging, or pay as you go where you buy credits for mass texts.

At Text-Em-All, we believe in simple, transparent pricing. We’re passionate about creating great user experiences for our customers, and Text-Em-All is a reflection of that passion.

In addition to prioritizing easy-to-use interfaces, we believe that our mass texting service should be affordable. We have two simple pricing options: a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go option where you purchase credits to pay for any mass text.

Monthly subscriptions include unlimited text messaging to your group. Pricing is determined by how large your group is and starts at just $7.50 per month for a group up to 25. That means you can send as many mass text messages as you want to up to 25 contacts.

The pay-as-you-go option is best for high-volume mass text messages. The more credits you buy, the lower the per-credit price. One credit is equal to one 160-character outbound text per recipient. Credits never expire. If you have a large number of contacts that change frequently or just need to send a text for an emergency, this is the better option.

Get started and sign up for a  free trial today! No contract. No credit card required. 

While mass texting is by no means illegal, it is heavily restricted. The U.S. government has a long history of regulation, protecting consumer privacy concerning telemarketing and robocalls, and this also extends to texting. The most critical piece of legislation narrowing the scope of acceptable telemarketing practices came with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), which amended the original Communications Act of 1934.

The problem with the 1991 legislation was that the meaning of prior consent could be interpreted somewhat loosely. Consent was considered to be given if a customer or potential customer voluntarily gave the company their phone number. Or, if consent was implied, rather than explicit, that was also considered a green light for telemarketing calls and texts.

Text-Em-All has taken a stand against unwanted texts. Our response to the TCPA is that we've chosen not to allow SMS marketing, promotional, political, or fundraising messages on our platform. Although some of the above may be legal in certain circumstances, we respectfully decline to allow this traffic on our network. See our responsible use policy or contact our support team for more information.

Furthermore, our platform has some built-in features to help you stay compliant., such as auto opt out.

Read our blog post - Is mass texting illegal?

While a blocked number by the carriers is out of our control, there are some best practices to keep in mind as you compose your message to minimize the chances of being blocked. 

  • Clearly state your audience if applicable (i.e., employees, members) 
  • Each broadcast should be associated with a single web domain owned by your organization. Although a full domain is preferred, a URL shortener may be used to deliver custom links (for example, Disney uses, which they own). You should avoid the common, public, or shared domain shorteners. 
  • Clearly identify your organization or business in the body of your message. 
    For example - ACME Health: You have an appointment for Tuesday at 3 PM. Let us know if you have any questions.
  • Do not include a callback number that is different from the number you are sending the message from (Call forwarding is available for Text-Em-All text numbers)
  • Minimize usage of all caps and excessive punctuation when using texting services (THANKS, ASAP, @, %, !!!, ???)

There is an endless supply of text messaging providers available to businesses. Like most services on the web today, digging through the fine print to uncover hidden fees and charges can make it challenging to determine the real costs involved. Here's a quick breakdown of pricing models you will likely come across.

  • Monthly w/Unlimited ($90/month with unlimited msgs)
  • Monthly w/Set Messages ($49/month for 2000 msgs)
  • Monthly w/Unlimited Messages to Some Contacts ($35/month for unlimited msgs to 100 contacts)
  • Pay As You Go (5 cents per msg)
  • Customized Packages (submit a quote)

Beware of unlimited plans over long-codes. As mentioned above, long codes are restricted so these aren't truly unlimited. Additionally, you should also be on the lookout for hidden charges. Many service providers charge additional fees for extra features, additional users, and premium support. Not to mention a whole host of services that lock you into long-term contracts with fluffy SLA's (service level agreements) that bosses tend to love, but provide very little real value.

Get started and sign up for a  free trial today! No contract. No credit card required.

Beware of "unlimited" text messaging plans

This section is a summary of a previous blog post on unlimited text messaging plans. Some companies promote that you can send as many text messages as you need, but the truth is that there are a few things they aren't telling you.

Currently, local phone numbers have limitations on how many text messages can be sent.

  1. no more than 50 contacts at a time
  2. no more than 100 messages per hour
  3. no more than 500 messages per day

Due to these limitations, some text messaging services may take longer to deliver your mass text (what if your mass text is urgent?), may use multiple numbers to send messages (will your contacts recognize the sender?), or may even use short code texting (doesn't handle replies well). 


Differences Between Group Texting & Mass Texting

Many users get confused between group messages and mass text messages. While the two sound and appear like a mass text, a thin line differentiates them. Let’s dig into the details of bulk SMS!

What are group messages?

A group message involves three or more recipients. The most interesting thing about group messages is that replies are not private and data rates may apply. If you send a group message to 10 people and someone replies, everyone in the group can see the message - and so on. This is one of the reasons that group texting is better for personal, or non-business, messaging. Unlike a mass text message, there is a limit on the number of recipients.

The maximum number of recipients depends largely on your mobile device and carrier. Some older phones allows you to send texts to up to 10 recipients but some models only allows you to send up to 30 recipients when using sms.

Group messages are typically sent as an MMS and must be enabled from the settings. The process is fairly simple, though. Go to your contacts and create a group of recipients. You can have several groups and name them accordingly.

While group messages are an easy way to send a text message, the limit on the number of recipients can be a problem. Plus, since they’re sent as MMS, not all phones may support group messages.

Group messages are not counted as a single message, i.e: if you have 10 recipients you will be charged for 10 messages. Similarly, the phone may or may not open 10 different threads, which may also make it a bit difficult to manage all the conversations.

How does sending a mass text work?

Mass text messages (also known as bulk texting) are used to text many people at once. You will need to develop your own mass texting interface using an SMS aggregator or utilize a bulk SMS service like Text-Em-All, which has already developed a bulk SMS service and negotiated lower rates due to the high volume of messages they send. We currently send over 30 million SMS messages per month.

Unlike group texting, mass messaging replies are handled differently. When a business sends a mass text to 1,000 contacts, they start to get replies. Each reply is treated as an individual and private, 1-to-1 text conversation. Contacts can only see text messaging between themselves and the sender, not any other contacts on the mass text.

There is generally no limit on the maximum number of messages regarding mass texting. Still, some mass texting services may not be able to send more than a few thousand texts at once, which will be helpful for appointment reminders or business texting. Regardless, it is still a lot more than group messages.

Which type of mass texting should I choose?

Group texting is helpful if you have a small list of recipients for personal use. On the other hand, a text messaging service is helpful for businesses that have a huge list of recipients and need to keep people informed via mass text.

Group messages may appear affordable, but the cost per message can be very high if you have a huge list of recipients. Plus, responding to each message is also troublesome since there is no privacy built into the system.

What are some mass text messaging best practices?

Woman texting on mobile phone
  1. Narrow your contact lists

    It's fine to message all of your contacts, but when filling a job - it doesn't make sense to message 1,000 candidates when only 500 are qualified.

  2. Text notifications

    Large mass texts may result in a lot of responses. Avoid getting overwhelmed by changing the frequency of unread message notifications.

  3. Mass texting structure

    A good mass text has 3 parts: identifying the sender, your information, and a clear call to action so the recipient knows exactly what they should do next.

  4. Personalize text messaging

    We've already talked about this, but using personalization in your mass text message increases text message engagement with your target audiences.



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