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Spark conversations that matter with mass text messaging

Effortlessly send personalized and informational mass texts to any group size with our user-friendly, affordable, and reliable platform. 

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The straightforward solution to mass text messaging


Engage more effectively

Our easy-to-use interface lets you schedule your mass texts, add images, respond privately to replies, and opt-out contacts.


Reach large groups quickly

We don't limit or batch the number of contacts in your broadcast. Five people or 50,000 - we'll get your mass text messages out fast.


Drive impactful results

Get detailed results when you send mass text messages showing deliveries, fails, opt-outs, and replies. Perfect for bulk texting.

How mass texting works

Text-Em-All has powerful features like automation, templates, surveys, personalization, scheduling, keywords, api access, integrations, and much more. Below you'll find some of the key features.

Add your contacts, and let us do the rest

We offer a few different ways to add contacts to your account. You can add contacts to a broadcast or upload and manage contacts and groups to use when needed. We’ll automatically identify textable numbers, and show you any number that can’t receive a text.

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Compose your message and instantly send to your entire list

Broadcast your message to everyone on your list in just a few minutes. Choose a voice/text/combo message, the type of message (survey or announcement), schedule for now or later, add your contacts, create your message, and send.

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Engage contacts with 2-way text conversations

Continue the conversation when individuals reply to your broadcasts with two-way texting. Answer questions, provide more details, and improve customer satisfaction by responding to contacts who reply to your broadcast.

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Understand results with detailed analytics & reporting

See exactly who answered, who received a voicemail, and whose numbers aren’t working anymore. All survey results will be compiled automatically into an easy-to-understand graph. We also provide detailed reports on billing history, usage, opt-outs, phone number history, credit balance, and text activity.

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Best uses for mass texting



Meetings, events, payments, appointments — texting is the most effective way to reach people.


Employee updates

Update employees with important announcements, benefits re-enrollment, or schedule changes.


Emergency notifications

Keep people informed with a mass text when severe weather or other emergencies will impact them.


Job openings

Respond to candidates who have applied to open positions, or shown interest in working for your company.


Fill open shifts

Quickly reach employees and see who is available to fill an open spot in your schedule.



Texting is an easy way to survey customers, gather results, and respond to your contacts.



Let your contacts know about upcoming events, important dates, and special occasions with our texting service.


Healthcare notifications

Vaccination reminders, flu shot clinics, COVID case notifications — keep contacts updated.


Prayer requests

Update your church phone tree and quickly deliver prayer requests and other messages to your congregation.

How to choose the right mass texting service

Find a purpose-driven organization

Businesses without defined values, as well as those who have lost sight of their values, are usually culprits of this purposelessness. A quick look through an "About Us" or "Culture" section of a business's website should give you a pretty good read on whether the company prioritizes purpose or just profit.





Look for private and profitable businesses

Private and profitable - each of these characteristics can exist individually, but when they co-exist, it's magical. Private, profitable businesses provide security. People who care are at the helm of these types of businesses, and they strive to be there long-term. We're a mass text messaging service that cares.


Relationships should be prioritized

We do more than just send mass texts, a professional, business-class solution should be there for you when you need them. At Text-Em-All, we believe relationships built on trust and mutual understanding lead to growth, scalability, and success, and we pride ourselves on striving to build better relationships with our customers every day.





Don't sacrifice solution-building

At Text-Em-All, your dedicated account manager is here to help you discover solutions for your business. They'll work with you closely and honestly get to know you and your goals. In addition, this most likely won't just be a one-time meeting, you'll meet quarterly to review the best bulk text messaging services.


Features to look for in a mass texting service

Harness the full power of mass texting with Text-Em-All, where these sought-after features come standard.



Two-way texting

A well-structured conversations feature should allow you to have one-on-one text conversations with your contacts directly within your account. In addition, if you need to respond to contacts after you send a mass text, it would be helpful for conversations to be easily accessible through a mobile app.



Keyword capabilities

Boost engagement rates by using custom SMS keywords. These allow for specific messages to be automatically triggered, streamlining communication without taking the time to respond individually to contacts.



Easy personalization

Research shows that text messages with personalization, such as "first name" or "last name," can yield a 4-12% better response rate to your messages. We've made it simple to add personalization to your messages with the click of a button during broadcast creation.



High deliverability

What's the point of using a mass messaging service if your messages and texting campaigns aren't getting delivered? We prioritize getting your important messages to the right people quickly. We don't limit, or batch, the number of contacts in your broadcast, and on average, over 95% of our messages are delivered.




Scheduled auto-replies keep the conversation going around the clock. Businesses see a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores by using auto-replies to provide timely responses, even when staff are not immediately available.



Extended message length

While it's critical to say everything you need to concisely, it can be difficult to cut down your message character count without omitting important details. For that reason, it's a good idea to look at the character count limit on your mass text message when you're deciding on your mass messaging service. We recently expanded our character count to 1,600 characters per message for Credits accounts and 960 characters for Monthly accounts.

Why work with Text-Em-All?

We strive to delight our clients by being easy to work with - from simple, no-contract pricing to the straightforward, practical solutions we build. We work hard to get the details right and are driven by a genuine desire to help make things easier for our clients. Yes, we’re experts in our field. More than that, our clients find us to be partners they can depend on. So, expect us to be professional, knowledgeable, and personable!

How we're different

Text-Em-All is entirely self-funded and is still managed by the same people that founded the company back in 2005. Brad Herrmann and Hai Nguyen are in it for the long haul and are dedicated to building a truly excellent small business. To get to know us, check out our employee-created Manifesto and our active participation in the Small Giants Community.

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Questions about mass texting

Questions about the free trial? We’re here for you.