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Businesses around the country are finding more and more uses for business text messaging services and calling solutions. Text-Em-All’s business clients are saving money, improving customer service, speeding up response times, communicating more effectively, and increasing sales using our easy-to-use platform.

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The future of text messages for business

It is predicted the number of businesses using text messaging as a form of communication is only going to grow. It is predicted that 3.5 trillion business SMS messages will be sent in 2023 which is an increase of 1 trillion from 2019.

It's safe to say that SMS text messaging for commercial reasons won't be going anywhere soon. Although it seems to be a more analog way of messaging in an age of Facebook bots and instant chats, it doesn't cross the line between commercial and personal.

Messaging by SMS will remain a crucial channel for businesses to send and receive communications for the foreseeable future. In fact, you can expect to see a lot of enhancements to text messaging in the coming years. Ready to get started with our free trial?

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How to use business texting

Customer service

Using text messaging can be an efficient way to handle customer service. First off, it saves time. Using a generic customer care email address for customers' queries and complaints can take a long time for employees to go through individual text messages. The back and forth between customer experience representatives and customers can be time-consuming, thus prolonging any problem.

With text messages, customers can directly contact an agent and get their inquiry or issue dealt with faster. This will provide a better customer experience for your company and lead to more positive reviews and repeat business.

Text messaging is also an effective way to build rapport with your customers and manage relationships. It is a way to help customers feel more personally connected to your business, and dealing with issues over text effectively can be a way to gain customer trust.

You can use a business messaging platform to set up texting. Once you create your account, it will be simple to set up, schedule messages, manage notifications, and communicate effectively to increase customer relationships.

Other uses for business text messaging

Although customer service is one of the most common uses for business texting, there are plenty of other ways to use business text messaging services effectively. Some examples are:

SMS surveys

If you want to conduct some research for a new product or service or simply get feedback on how your business is currently performing, speaking with the stakeholders in your business is of utmost importance. One of the most successful ways to gather customer feedback is by asking your customers to complete a survey. This can easily be done through text.

If you make the text survey simple and quick to complete, customers are more likely to complete the survey by text rather than email. According to research, 31% of consumers reply to surveys within 5 minutes of receiving them.


Some questions and inquiries don't require a personalized response. To deal with these messages, you can set up auto-replies through your business texting software. If you have a number on your website that clients can send a text to, it can be an effective way to manage incoming communications from prospects.

Good business texting

Here are just a few ways your business can use text messaging for good:

  1. Customer anniversary messages

    Show your customers you genuinely care with a quick, personalized text message to help them celebrate the milestones of life.

  2. New employee welcome messages

    The first days of work can be the most stressful. Welcome your new hires with a friendly greeting that helps them transition into a new role.

  3. Weather emergency notifications

    Notifying your community of incoming severe weather events can help save lives. Bad weather can hit seemingly out of nowhere, so knowing what to do and where to go is imperative. Be a port in the storm.

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