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Reach your contacts immediately through weather text alerts

Instantly send a message to your contacts about severe weather to inform them of cancellations and the necessary precautions they need to take.

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Send your contacts severe weather alerts

Quick action is often needed in severe weather situations, and Text-Em-All can help you get your information out fast. By using our service, you can immediately send a mass text message or voice message to your contacts, notifying them of weather advisories, cancellations, shelter notices, evacuations, or safety/precautionary instructions. 

You can also create and save customized emergency alerts in advance to increase your response time in an emergency. 



How our service works

Reach large groups of contacts quickly

Broadcast your message to everyone on your list in just a few minutes. Choose a voice/text/combo message, the type of message (survey or announcement), schedule for now or later, add your contacts, create your message, and send.

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Add your contacts, and let us do the rest

We offer a few different ways to add contacts to your account. You can add your contacts' phone numbers to a broadcast or upload and manage contacts and groups to use when needed. We’ll automatically identify textable numbers, and show you any number that can’t receive a text.

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Engage with contacts through 2-way texting

Continue the conversation when individuals reply to your broadcasts with two-way texting. Answer questions, provide more details, and improve customer satisfaction by responding to contacts who reply to your broadcast.

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Understand the results of your broadcasts

See exactly who answered, who received a voicemail, and whose numbers aren’t working anymore. All survey results will be compiled automatically into an easy-to-understand graph. We also provide detailed reports on billing history, usage, opt-outs, phone number history, credit balance, and text activity.

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3 Benefits to sending weather alerts by text



Fast and efficient communication

With mass texting, you can send a message to as many contacts as you need to within minutes. This ensures that quick action can be taken in critical events such as severe weather warnings.



Real-time updates

Using a mass texting service allows you to keep your contacts in the loop throughout the severe weather, and ensures your contacts are constantly taking precautions against imminent threats. Some severe weather, such as hurricane flooding or fire weather, can last for days, so being able to provide real-time updates is a massive benefit to text message alerts.



Gather responses with two-way texting

By using two-way texting, you can easily hold conversations with your contacts during extreme weather instead of being in the dark about whether they understand your message or not. You could even send out a survey to gain insight into whether your contacts are taking the proper precautions for the weather. 

For example, during a freeze, you could send a message to your tenants asking if they're dripping their faucets and to respond "YES" if they are. 

Questions about severe weather alerts

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