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Unite your congregation with a platform for prayer requests

Collect and share prayer requests with your congregation quickly by using Text-Em-All to send mass text messages or automated calls. 

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Collect prayer requests from your congregation

Instead of individually reaching out to members or waiting until the following sermon, send a single text or voice broadcast and instantly reach everyone in your congregation. Using a mass texting service to share prayer requests breaks the barriers of not being physically together and creates community. 

Sharing prayer requests with your congregation this way can be a powerful way to connect with others and experience the support and comfort that comes from being part of a community of faith.


How our service works

Reach large groups of contacts quickly

Broadcast your message to everyone on your list in just a few minutes. Choose a voice/text/combo message, the type of message (survey or announcement), schedule for now or later, add your contacts, create your message, and send.

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Add your contacts, and let us do the rest

We offer a few different ways to add contacts to your account. You can add contacts to a broadcast or upload and manage contacts and groups to use when needed. We’ll automatically identify textable numbers, and show you any number that can’t receive a text.

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Engage with contacts through 2-way texting

Continue the conversation when individuals reply to your broadcasts with two-way texting. Answer questions, provide more details, and improve customer satisfaction by responding to contacts who reply to your broadcast.

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Understand the results of your broadcasts

See exactly who answered, who received a voicemail, and whose numbers aren’t working anymore. All survey results will be compiled automatically into an easy-to-understand graph. We also provide detailed reports on billing history, usage, opt-outs, phone number history, credit balance, and text activity.

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5 Best practices for sharing a prayer request



Respect the privacy of your members

It's important to respect the privacy of those who have shared prayer requests. Be careful not to share too much personal information or details about a member's situation without their permission.



Use discretion

Consider the right time and setting to share prayer requests with the congregation. For example, it may be more appropriate to share a prayer request with a smaller group before sharing it with the congregation. Sometimes, the member may request that you only share their prayer request with a small group. 



Keep it concise

When sharing a prayer request with the congregation, keep it concise and to the point. Provide enough information for people to pray specifically, but don't go into too much detail.



Encourage prayer

When sharing a prayer request with the congregation, be sure to encourage people to pray. Consider providing specific prayers or guidance on how to pray for the person or situation in need.



Follow up

After sharing a prayer request with the congregation, be sure to follow up with the person or family to let them know that people are praying or have prayed for them. This can be a meaningful way to show support and let them know they are not alone.

Questions about mass texting for prayer requests

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Monthly plans do not use credits.

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