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Send contacts vaccine & flu shot reminders

It's easy to send a flu shot reminder or notification that it's time for an annual vaccination to your group of contacts with our mass messaging service.

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Fast delivery of urgent healthcare messages

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to quickly communicate urgent information to large groups quickly. Mass texting emerged as one of the most effective ways to keep people informed when it matters most.

No matter what type of health or safety-related messages you need to send. You can count on Text-Em-All for a reliable and easy-to-use solution.

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Here are some good use cases:

icon-checkmark-blue    Keeping employees/patients updated during emergencies

icon-checkmark-blue    Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders

icon-checkmark-blue    Improve collections with payment reminders

icon-checkmark-blue    Educational messages for improved wellness

icon-checkmark-blue   Surveys for patient satisfaction

icon-checkmark-blue  Immunization reminders

Key features

Text-Em-All has powerful features like automation, templates, surveys, personalization, scheduling, keywords, API access, integrations, and much more. Below you'll find some of the key features.

Add your contacts, and let us do the rest

We offer a few different ways to add contacts to your account. You can add contacts to a broadcast or upload and manage contacts and groups to use when needed. We’ll automatically identify textable numbers, and show you any number that can’t receive a text.

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Compose your message and instantly send to your entire list

Broadcast your message to everyone on your list in just a few minutes. Choose a voice/text/combo message, the type of message (survey or announcement), schedule for now or later, add your contacts, create your message, and send.

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Engage contacts with 2-way text conversations

Continue the conversation when individuals reply to your broadcasts with two-way texting. Answer questions, provide more details, and improve customer satisfaction by responding to contacts who reply to your broadcast.

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Understand results with detailed analytics & reporting

See exactly who answered, who received a voicemail, and whose numbers aren’t working anymore. All survey results will be compiled automatically into an easy-to-understand graph. We also provide detailed reports on billing history, usage, opt-outs, phone number history, credit balance, and text activity.

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5 Best practices for sending vaccine reminders



Don't overload your patients

You should only be sending a few messages to your patients. Sending more than a couple will frustrate your contacts, making them more likely to report you as spam. It would be beneficial to send them a reminder to schedule their vaccine appointment, a confirmation text when they first make their appointment, and then an appointment reminder.



Be transparent

Be clear and transparent about who is sending the text message, why it's being sent, and how the recipient can opt out of receiving future messages. This can help to build trust and ensure that people feel comfortable receiving reminders from your organization.



Personalize the message

Personalized messages can help to increase engagement and make the message feel more relevant to the recipient. Consider including the recipient's name, your organization's name, their appointment time and location, and any other relevant information in the text message.



Respect the recipient's time

When encouraging your contacts to get a flu shot, be considerate of your contact's time and attention by sending vaccine reminders at appropriate times, such as during regular business hours. 



Measure and analyze

Track and measure the results of your text message reminders and use this data to improve future campaigns. This can include analyzing open and response rates and any feedback received from recipients.

Questions about vaccine reminders

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Too many awesome choices? 63% of users who send vaccination reminders choose our Credits plan.


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