My name is Mike, and I am a front-end engineer at Call-Em-All. As the newest full-time member of the entire company, I thought it timely to share some thoughts about my experience. I am writing to answer an interesting question: What is it like to work at Call-Em-All?

In my former life I was a band director teaching 6th grade through 12th grade students each day. I desired something a little different (okay, quite a bit different), so I pivoted to software engineering. To make this work I enrolled in a code school in Austin called The Iron Yard. Since switching gears to become a software engineer, I have a unique perspective. I have a lot of experience leading young people and being on a staff of other leaders. As such, I enjoy working on smaller teams that enjoy each other's company and have a good work/family balance.

With high standards in mind, I looked through the multitude of job offerings in the Dallas area. Few companies jumped out at me that matched my criteria. An online friend pointed me towards a job posting on the job board for Call-Em-All. I began to comb the company website. When I read through the company's manifesto, I had an epiphany. This is a company where I could see myself as a software engineer.

My entire interview and hiring process was enjoyable. I loved talking with Brad and Hai to learn how my skills fit in with their needs. When I asked questions, I could instantly hear their passion about the company and the service that they provide. The entire engineering team was part of my live interview. I picked up on the fact that everyone has a good sense of pride about what the company has accomplished. I also sensed that the leaders had the humility to make changes to experience growth, both for the company and the whole team.

Just after my 15th wedding anniversary, I accepted a job at Call-Em-All. Great anniversary gift! Day one was fantastic. The engineering team took me out to lunch. I had some activities to learn about the history of the company as well as the product. I met everyone in the company and began to study and use the calling platform more deeply. It was a stark difference to my previous environment as a teacher. I felt like I was walking through a fairy tale, and I continue to feel that way!

The perks of working here: no politics, honest feedback, open communication, great benefits, fun team rituals, snacks, ping-pong, coffee, standing desks, nerf basketball, cell phone service, lunch on Wednesdays, holding each other accountable, sharing in company profits, company trips, conferences...I could go on and on. I think that my teacher friends think that I am making it all up! I have worked here more than a month and still find out about a cool thing every few days. It should be clear that the leadership wants every team member to love working here. That is the case!

For me, I feel challenged each day in a good way. I feel like people around me care about me and my family. I feel relaxed at the office and at home. I feel like I am contributing to a larger purpose. I have loved my time here. Accepting a position with the Call-Em-All family is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.