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Integration Spotlight: TempWorks Software®

Staffing firms have many choices when it comes to messaging services and software solutions. As such, we're thrilled to announce our latest integration with TempWorks Software's innovative and cutting-edge platform, TempWorks Beyond™. Our mutual clients can now personalize text messages, keep conversations notes and candidate records in sync, and stay current with the latest Text-Em-All features within TempWorks Software. Our mass texting, automated calling, and 2-way text conversations are all available to mutual customers with no additional cost.

Not all software integrations are created equal.

The most successful partnerships require both parties to put the end-user first to create great experiences. We love the focus TempWorks puts on providing support in a timely manner, and taking the time to understand our clients' needs.

An integration can be accomplished in various ways, but we believe a single sign-on (SSO) approach is the best way to please customers. Here are a few reasons why:

    • Starting from day 1, software partners are able to offer users all of our features and guarantee access to future enhancements
    • Development is fast and easy for the software partner and requires minimal resources
    • Build it once, and you're done. No more competing for time on your development road map with other important projects
    • Customer satisfaction and usage is higher because they get to interact with both products in a way they prefer and understand


"I am excited for Text-Em-All and our integration with TempWorks Beyond," said Brad Herrmann, Founder and President at Text-Em-All. "TempWorks recognizes the value of our partnership and the need for our mutual clients to have immediate access to the latest messaging features as we bring them to market. As the staffing industry works through the COVID-19 pandemic, we're excited to deliver an integration that enhances the essential communication needs of staffing professionals and their ability to fill jobs quickly."


Learn more about how the TempWorks integration works by watching this demo:


Text-Em-All enables you to fill job orders with just one text and/or voice message. In minutes, you can reach five people or 5,000. There are no group size limitations, no delays in message delivery, and no limit on users.

Text-Em-All has been the mass messaging leader for staffing firms since 2005. We have over 14,000 active clients and send more than 20 million monthly messages. We’re the only platform that gives you the ability to reach individual candidates and message large groups via texting AND calling. Easily manage replies to your messages online as well.

Your candidate database is one of your most valuable tools for filling jobs. Text-Em-All enables you to reach more candidates and do it faster than the competition. Our account management team can show you the most effective strategies for reaching the best candidates while also decreasing your cost-per-hire and time-spent.

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