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Built for staffing firms like yours

When we started Text-Em-All in 2005,  our mission was to give staffing firms a simple way to reach candidates faster. Over the years, we've enhanced our calling & texting services and features to make us the industry leader.

99% Deliverability

Once a message leaves our platform, it gets reviewed, checked for spam, and could even get blocked by an aggregator or mobile carrier. We'll provide you with detailed delivery results and proactively resolve issues.

Designed for teams

Competitors like to charge per text number, or per user, and lock you into contracts. With us, you get unlimited users & numbers. Users can share a number or have assigned numbers. We provide detailed reporting on both. 

Customized for you

Text enable your existing phone numbers (we can do that), develop custom reports, help with training/setup, customize unread message notifications, or onboard teams/branches/locations --- we've got the expertise to help you!

Engage candidates and employees

Our staffing calling and texting service have changed the way companies engage candidates and employees. Our service enables you to text or call large groups with a single broadcast. Replies to a text broadcast become private 2-way text conversations. You can also use conversations to reach individuals.

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Here are some good ideas:
  • Job fills for temporary staffing firms
  • Request missing timesheets
  • Deliver emergency notifications to employees
  • Improve recruitment efforts
  • Database cleanup
  • Confirm schedules
  • Important announcements

Texting or calling, we’ve got you covered.

Our easy-to-use service gives you the tools to send important messages fast, no matter how many people you need to contact.

Mass Texting

  • Automatically detect mobile numbers
  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Manage replies and carry on conversations
  • Text from your business number (even landlines)
  • Access templates and personalize texts

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Automated Calling

  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Adjust call speed to regulate reply volume
  • Save recorded messages for future use
  • Leave voicemails if contacts don’t answer
  • Let contacts easily connect to a live person

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Affordable, no-hidden-fee pricing

Two plans to choose from. Not sure which is best for you? Try our calculator.
Pay-as-you-go 5¢-9¢ per message
Price dependent on how many message credits you purchase. One credit is good for one 30-second call or 160-character text.
Monthly subscription starting at $7.50 per month
Price varies based on how many unique phone numbers you contact each month. Message your contacts as much as you like.

Best Practices for Text Recruiting

While text recruiting software is an effective tool for a variety of reasons, if used improperly, it can result in a blocked text number, or even a complete loss of legitimacy for your staffing agency. 

#1 Avoid Blasting Spam

Unfortunately, as text recruiting becomes more popular, the tool is often being abused to spam entire contact lists with job postings. Quite frankly, this practice is predatory, annoying, and detrimental to your business.

In efforts to crack down on spam, carriers are making it extraordinarily easy for contacts to report spam. And if enough job seekers report you as spam, your number will be blocked. Although it is possible to unblock your number, it’s a lengthy process and texting services such as Text-Em-All cannot help you because the FTC has marked the number as spam.

It’s possible to acquire another text number, but if you begin sending out the same messages to large groups of people, you will be marked as spam and blocked again.

#2 Keep Your Database Clean and Target Your Contacts

That being said, it’s extremely important to clean your contact lists and target your recipients before sending out a variety of random job postings.

To clean your contact list, only use contacts who have responded and/or signed up in the last year or two. This will limit your talent pool to those who are still interested in receiving messages about new job postings. 

If you don't want to clear your contact list that drastically, you can use our Text Surveys feature to easily clean your list. Remember to filter your candidates by qualifications, and only send job listings to qualified candidates. 



#3 Include Opt-Out Instructions in Every Mass Message

While including opt out messaging on every mass message may seem like overkill, this practice could save your number from getting blocked. Including opt out instructions on each message increases the probability of your contact opting out instead of reporting your number as spam.

For convenience, you can make your opt out instructions a reusable template. After creating the opt out template, you can easily attach this to each mass message you send.

Text-Em-All's system automatically detects inbound messages which clearly show an intent to opt out, and we opt these contacts out for you. In addition, contacts can opt out by using the keywords: STOP, END, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE.

Questions about texting for HR/staffing

Mass texting is a resource that enhances the hiring process and allows staffing agencies to send multiple messages out to job candidates, employers, and other relevant groups. 

In turn, this can deliver a wealth of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • 100% accuracy and consistency
  • Avoiding the time-consuming hiring process of writing individual messages
  • Reach candidates quickly with a 98% open rate and high response rate
  • Keep candidates engaged through consistent communication
  • Reducing the cost of communication compared to phone calls and other methods
  • All correspondence is recorded and avoids miscommunication

If you're not sure about text messaging being a part of the recruitment process, you only have to look at some statistics. 86% of millennials and Gen Z like text SMS messages as part of the recruitment process. Additionally, the open text rate is a high 98%, which is much higher than the typical email open rate. Text messaging allows people to quickly receive and view important messages, as well as respond faster too. SMS messages are already used for business in various capacities, so introducing them as part of the recruitment process is unlikely to surprise people.

Text messages can be sent at different points in the recruiting process to initiate and maintain contact with candidates. Before sending any text messages, recruiters should be sure to get permission from candidates to contact them via SMS. When doing initial candidate outreach, it's essential to ask for potential candidates' preferred method of communication. This is an important first step to avoid giving a negative impression to candidates who disapprove of unsolicited texts.

It's vital to only send text messages with information that is relevant to your candidates. You shouldn't be sending unsolicited marketing texts. They want to know about available roles, the interview process, and the progress of their applications. SMS texting should also be a concise form of communication, so candidates will expect you to keep things brief. Choose just one thing to address in each text message that you send.

Some of the occasions when you might send a text to candidates include:

  • Letting them know about job openings
  • Confirming applications
  • Interview scheduling
  • Telling candidates about the next steps in the application process
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Directing candidates to online applications and information
  • Sending post-interview surveys to gain valuable feedback

Yes! Except instead of "two way", we call this feature "Conversations". The Conversations feature allows you to have one-on-one  (or two way) conversations with your contacts directly within your account in addition to being able to quickly message up to 15 contacts.

The last thing we want to do is deliver a message to someone who doesn’t want it. So, we have many methods for opting out.

Text recipients can reply STOP to any message, call recipients can opt out at the end of the message, and anyone can enter a phone number on our opt out page.

All of these methods will immediately block that account from calling/texting that phone number.

Using a text recruiting tool shouldn’t replace other strategies. Rather, it should be used to enhance the recruitment process by getting information to people quickly and starting conversations.

Adding a personal touch to the way you mass recruit potential employees can help you to tap into a new audience. Don’t be afraid to be more relaxed and communicative in the way you recruit. You might find that people are more responsive and comfortable when they get back to you. As a result, you can start positive, effective conversations with interested candidates, until you find the perfect person for the job without all of the traditional hassle and expense.

Pro Staff Experiences Astronomical Time Savings Using Text-Em-All to Fill Jobs Faster

Tasked with providing companies experienced people that are ready to work on a moment’s notice, Pro Staff needed a more efficient way to communicate with job seekers and make them aware of employment opportunities. “Although e-mail allowed us to send notifications quickly and easily,” said Tricia Davis-Vogel, field marketing coordinator for Pro Staff, “the e-mail response rate from job seekers is often slow and inconsistent.” Rather than relying solely on e-mail, Pro Staff wanted to supplement their efforts with a more immediate form of communication.

To streamline the placement process, Pro Staff selected Text-Em-All’s staffing calling and texting solution to send information about employment opportunities to hundreds of job seekers every day. “Oftentimes, organizations request additional help with little or no warning,” said Davis-Vogel. “Text-Em-All helps us reach out to job seekers immediately because it takes less than five minutes to record a message.”

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Pro Staff Experiences Astronomical Time Savings Using Text-Em-All to Fill Jobs Faster

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