According to our friends at the American Staffing Association, #NationalStaffingEmployeeWeek celebrates the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing firms each week. During this special week, staffing industry firms from across the nation host special events honoring their greatest asset: their temporary and contract employees. Here are some highlights of #StaffingStars from ASA.

Staffing Industry Celebration Week

1,600 Staffing Industry Accounts & Over 160,000,000 Messages

Call-Em-All has been a partner to staffing firms going all the way back to the founding of our company 10 years ago. In fact, we've partnered with over 1,600 staffing accounts since we opened for business. Even more impressive is that we've helped these staffing firms deliver over 160 million messages to their associates! When it comes to automated messaging for the staffing industry, Call-Em-All is the hands down leader in the space.

How does our service help the staffing industry?
We connect employees with important information about job openings, shift changes, timesheet reminders, and event dates.  Firms are able to reach hundreds or thousands of associates with a single broadcast message in just a fraction of the time it would take to make those calls or texts individually. It makes us proud to know that our service is contributing to the economy in such a positive way and knowing that so many people are finding work through our technology.

Why does the staffing industry choose to work with Call-Em-All?
You don't get to be the leader in the industry without a great product or outstanding support, and we have both. Our platform is reliable, functions smoothly, and can handle more than 3,000 messages per minute. We keep things simple and easy to use, and our approach to customer experience is to be direct, straightforward, and honest while solving our customer's problems. Call-Em-All isn't just a calling service, we're a company who cares. On the product side, we've worked with the leaders in the staffing industry to develop a robust feature set that simply works. Furthermore, we've partnered with companies like Avionte, Bond, Bridgeware, TempWorks and many others to integrate our service into their existing software platforms. This way, all of their clients can take advantage of our automated calling and texting solutions.

Here are some other stats we found in our data;

  • Top 5 States by Message Count: Delaware, California, Ohio, Texas, Indiana
  • Top 5 States by Total Staffing Firms: California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Ohio

If you are in the staffing industry, chances are you are already using us - if you aren't, you can also meet us in person at Staffing World in San Diego or Executive Forum in February.