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2022 in review: Local numbers and feature releases

This year presented a lot of change for the mass messaging industry, with substantial developments to toll-free and local numbers taking place as the year progressed. Although many of the changes were unexpected, we focused our efforts on making the process as smooth as possible for our customers, and we're continuing to develop solutions to make text number registration as turnkey as possible. 

The most significant change we experienced during 2022 was the switch from toll-free to local numbers. As of October 2022, most of our customers are now using local numbers due to changes in carrier requirements. And as we enter into 2023, we'll start the registration process for each of our customers. This process will not only give our customers higher limits and speeds but will also increase trust between them and their clients, verify that our customers are legitimate senders, and reduce the chance of number blocking in the future. This process incurs both one-time fees ranging from $4 - $40 and monthly fees ranging from $2 - $30. But while many other mass messaging services are passing these fees along, we're not. We love keeping it simple for our customers, and that means knowing exactly what you're financially signing up for when you use our service. 

Even though the text number registration developments were our main focus this year, we also made sure to release a few product developments to save our customers time and resources. As usual, we also released user experience updates throughout the year to ensure our customers have the best experience on our platform. The four new features we released this year are Text to Speech, Auto-Refill Credits, Survey Auto-Replies, and Profile Pictures.

Our 2022 Releases

Text to Speech: Reach your audience through an automated voice

Use our text-to-speech feature to create a voice message where an automated voice reads a message that you write. This enables users to send a voice message anytime, even if they cannot record their voice due to noise, illness, or other factors.

You can also create a Text-to-Speech voice message in your message library to save for future use. This is useful if you send the same broadcast more than once. 

This feature is available for all accounts and will automatically be an option when creating a voice or combo broadcast. Learn more about how to use the Text-to-Speech feature. 

Auto-Refill Credits: Never run out of credits

Our auto-refill credits feature was designed to take the pressure off Account Owners and Admins. With this feature, you can automatically set a specific number of credits to buy when your account balance drops below a certain amount, saving your team the time and frustration users feel when they can't send a message due to a low credit balance.

This feature is also helpful for invoice users who only need recurring billing, as it automates the process and keeps you from communicating with our support team or manually creating your invoice.

This feature is only available for Pay-As-You-Go accounts with an active credit card on file. Learn how to set up auto-refill for credit purchases.


Survey Auto-Replies: Automate your survey responses

Automatically send a response based on your contact's survey responses. We will automatically determine who responded "Yes" or "No" to your question and send the auto-reply you created.

This feature will save users valuable time as you will not have to respond to each answer individually now. This feature also helps with customer engagement because your contacts won't be left hanging after giving a survey answer and will be sure you received their response. 

We recommend setting up a survey auto-reply the next time you set up a broadcast. Your contacts will thank you!

This feature is currently only available for Pay-As-You-Go accounts. Learn how to set up Survey Auto-Replies.

Profile Pictures: Help your team know who you are

Add a profile picture to your account to help your team know who you are in Text-Em-All. Your image will be visible to team members in places throughout the app.

This feature is helpful for quickly figuring out who sent which broadcasts and who is in communication with each contact. Learn how to add a profile image.