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    Integration Spotlight: AviontéBOLD

    Staffing firms and employment agencies have an abundance of options for choosing a messaging service and software solution. As such, we're thrilled to announce our newest integration with Avionté's next generation of staffing and recruiting software, AviontéBOLD. Our mutual clients can now personalize text messages, keep conversation notes and candidate records in sync, and stay current with the latest Text-Em-All features within AviontéBOLD at no additional cost.

    Text-Em-All: The Only True Mass Messaging Integration

    Unlike other messaging solutions, Text-Em-All is the only company capable of providing Avionte clients with a true mass messaging service. Through this integration, AviontéBold users will be able to send text and voice messages and two-way conversations to as many candidates as needed at any time. No batch limits. No message throttles. And best of all, we are experts at phone number lookups to determine if a phone number is a landline or cell.

    "We are thrilled with the release of Text-Em-All's new integration with Avionte Bold. We've been partners with Avionte for over a decade, and in that time, we've helped hundreds of staffing teams who recognize the value of our true mass text and voice messaging solutions. These clients depend on immediate access to the latest messaging features our industry offers to fill jobs quickly and keep their teams moving. This new integration brings that mass focus to Avionte Bold for the first time, and, like us, our clients are beyond excited about that."

    - Brad Herrmann, Founder & President of Text-Em-All 

    avionte bold integrations video

    Benefits of a Single Sign-On Approach (SSO)

    An integration can be accomplished in various ways, but we believe a single sign-on (SSO) approach is the best way to please customers.

    Here are a few reasons why:

      • Starting from day 1, software partners can offer users all of our features and guarantee access to future enhancements.
      • Development is fast and easy for the software partner and requires minimal resources.
      • Build it once, and you're done. No more competing for time on your development road map with other important projects.
      • Customer satisfaction and usage is higher because they get to interact with both products in a way they prefer and understand.

    “Using automation to reach candidates is essential for modern staffing firms. While Text-Em-All may be new to AviontéBOLD, our joint clients have been leveraging the automation of voicemail and mass texting to reach talent, increase recruiter productivity, reduce placement times, and increase placement rates. Avionté and Text-Em-All have seen the tremendous value automating the communications process can bring, and we’re excited to expand our partnership.” 

    - Scott Poeschl, VP Partnerships at Avionte

    Why choose Text-Em-All?

    Since 2005, we've helped clients of all industries, shapes, and sizes communicate with their audiences successfully.

    By working closely with the phone carriers to ensure our messaging follows the industry regulations, we can ensure that our clients' messages are being delivered successfully. We also do everything we can to remove any throttles or blocks their messages may receive. We are as transparent as possible so our clients know how successful their messaging initiatives genuinely are. That's why 12 of the top 20 staffing firms choose Text-Em-All.

    When it comes to important messages, our clients depend on us to get their messages out quickly, and provide delivery results so they can measure the success of their campaigns.

    Connect with an Account Manager today to learn more about getting started on the AviontéBOLD and Text-Em-All integration:

    Connect with an Account Manager


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    Thomas Hoffman

    Thomas has been with Text-Em-All since 2011 and now works as our Senior Account/Partner Manager. Thomas takes pride in managing our largest customer and partner accounts and developing custom solutions to solve their messaging problems. He is known for his personal touch and is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

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