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    How Recruiters Can Benefit From Automated Text & Calling Systems

    Text messaging is now the most efficient way to communicate. Recent studies show that text messages have a 98% open rate, which is dominant compared to the alternative email, which has a 20% open rate. Text messages are far more likely to be read and acted on, which makes them ideal for business and overall communication.

    While text messaging is now the preferred way to communicate, setting up a bulk texting and calling system can be a challenge especially if you’re not caught up on all the technical ins and outs of getting that done; that’s where a company that specializes in automated texting/calling services comes in handy.

    In this article, we’re going to look at how your staffing service can benefit from employing a dedicated automated texting service and how it can save your company money and make you more efficient.

    Better Response Rate

    As mentioned, most people (especially millennials and younger) prefer communicating via text message; they typically see phone calls and emails as intrusions and old fashioned.

    When you use a text messaging service to communicate with potential employees, you stand a better chance of keeping them engaged and talking throughout the hiring process, and since people always carry their phones, they’re more likely to respond when you send them a message. Further, text messages are informal, which also increases the response rate. If you send out an email that requires a lengthy, well-written response, people will put that off until they can get to a computer and write something more formal. If a quick response is going to make the difference between finding the right employee or not, then a text message is your best option.


    Staffing companies have to deal with a lot of potential candidates at one time, which means they’re sending out mass, impersonal text messages. When you employ an automated text messaging service, they can create personalized text messages geared toward a specific group of people or just one individual, which makes the potential hire more trusting about the process and the company. Messages can also include the contacts first name, or other personal identifiers, to make the text even more personalized.

    Makes The Hiring Process Quicker

    We’ve already discussed that people are more likely to respond to a text message over emails or phone calls, but having an automated text messaging service helps to make the entire process quicker and more efficient. This means that your company cuts down the time it takes from finding and engaging leads, getting resumes, screening candidates, getting interviews scheduled, and eventually hiring a new employee. Cutting down the time involved with this process saves you money and makes you a more efficient company.

    Manage Volume

    Since you’re likely dealing with many potential hires at once, managing that many people via text message and calling is a full-time job — it’s a position that most staffing agencies don’t have. Also, there is some technical know-how that comes with setting up and managing a system that’s designed to communicate with multiple people, and again, staffing companies typically don’t keep these people on the payroll.

    Having a dedicated, professional text messaging and communication company takes all of the guesswork and hassle of setting up and maintaining the system out of your hands so you can focus on your business. These companies can design message templates that can be customized to fit your businesses’ needs now and change them as the needs change.

    Besides, most text messaging/communication companies have their dedicated apps that can be used on your smartphone, which makes it easy for you to manage your texts and communicate to your potential hires. And, most companies allow for multiple users to text from the same number and can route all text messages to a portal for easier reviewing and management.

    Scheduling Messages

    Another benefit to using a messaging service is that you can schedule text messages to go out whenever you desire. Often, you’ll have situations that demand that you send messages out a day or week later. You don’t want to risk forgetting to do that or trusting your reminder app to tell you it’s time to send those messages out. A text messaging service allows you to craft your message and schedule it to go out whenever you want. Also, once you schedule an interview, it’s easy to schedule a reminder text to the potential hire to let them know the meeting is upcoming. Which is great for all business text messaging needs!

    Poll Your Audience

    Want to know what your audience is thinking? Do you want to know what they want in a job and a company? With a text messaging service, it’s easy to set up polls that your clients answer, which provide you with valuable data, which leads to you becoming better at hiring the right people for the right job, and thus making you more efficient.

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