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How Schools Can Benefit From a Mass Calling/Texting System

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When it comes to school environments, relaying clear, concise announcements to all parties involved is extremely important. When trouble strikes, you’ll be able to keep everyone informed throughout the incident so that there’s no confusion for anyone. One of the best ways to ensure clear and concise communication is through mass texting and voice services. Read on to learn about just a couple of ways that schools can benefit from utilizing a mass calling/texting system.

Direct Communication

Unlike other platforms such as social media and email, a text message isn’t going to get buried under other posts. A text message can relay the correct message clearly the first time. A message about a school closing or a delay can get to the parent as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly. Early dismissal reminders can be given enough time in advance for the parent to work out rides for their children. Having this line of direct communication ensures that the parent is always updated on what’s happening at their child’s school and can have the appropriate information available.

Good for Emergencies

When tragedy strikes a school, it’s very easy for false information to spread, especially on the internet. Everyone’s often in a frantic state of mind and tries to look for an answer about the situation wherever they can find it. During an emergency, a mass communication system ensures that parents get the correct message the first time. A mass communication system can also be altered to go to a specific group of people. For example, a school needs the teachers in a certain place, it can send a message to only the teachers quickly.

Efficient Event Reminders

With a mass communication system, you can ensure that everyone will know about upcoming events by sending out appointment reminders. Schools involve large communities of young people, and it can be very hard to inform an entire school of people about one event that’s happening.

Ensures Authority

As previously mentioned, misinformation travels fast. Using a mass communication system trains groups like parents and teachers to look out for this system for information first. That way, they are less likely to travel the internet in order to look for more information. It also gives schools better control over their message and brand.


Maintaining constant communication can get quite expensive, especially for a school. With text messages, you can always make sure that your school’s community stays informed while using minimal human energy to do so. That way, a school can use their dollars saved elsewhere.

Reduces Error

Using these systems also diminishes user error and human error. If using mass text messages, you only have to write the message one time before sending it. Since you aren’t creating the text message over and over again, you have less of a chance to make a typo. This leads to more false information, which in the long run, wastes time and money. If you’re using a mass calling system, eliminating human error makes sure that the message you’re looking to send is clear the first time. When getting a staff member to make these calls, there are many different ways that the message can be jumbled. For example, a person can forget to say a line of the script or forget a key detail. Having a mass call system relays a certain amount of information without having the ability to have the true meaning of the call lost.

Ensures Privacy

While utilizing a mass communication system, the privacy of those recipients stays strong. When you send off messages or set up calls, you don’t see the contact information of the people that you’re communicating with. This diminishes security threats when using a mass communication system.

Whether through mass calls or mass texts, mass communication systems provide a lot of benefits and are great ways to keep everyone informed . From emergencies to school cancellations, it ensures that the recipients get the correct information the first time. That way, they don’t have to turn to social media or email where it is easy for the message to get buried by other messages. It also doesn’t require much manpower to set up and maintain, so the school can focus on utilizing this power in another way. Using these mass communication systems ensures a direct line between the school and the community, so the message won’t ever be lost along the way.

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