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What to Look for in a School Messaging Service

Teachers spend a lot of time communicating with parents, staff, and students, and an effective school texting service can streamline that communication to save time and effort. However, deciding on the right texting solution can be difficult, and not all mass texting platforms are a fit for teachers’ needs. Here are some essential tips for choosing the right solution.

Features to Prioritize

Conversations (2-Way Texting)

Connecting with students through mass text messaging is a great way to get in touch with everyone all at once, but there are a lot of cases where teachers will need to talk to a student or parent one-on-one. Due to this, you’ll want to make sure the solution you choose has a conversations feature.

With Text-Em-All, you can easily manage conversations from your desktop computer or mobile phone. The best part? Incoming responses are free!


While some messages such as weather warnings and schedule changes will not require personalization, many of the messages teachers send to students and parents must be personalized by name and time.

When choosing a mass messaging solution, make sure the platform offers personalization features that can easily be added to any message. With Text-Em-All, you can easily add personalization to any message with the click of a button.

Cross-Device Functionality

This feature comes in handy when you want to send messages from both your computer and smartphone. A school texting app that syncs messages automatically between different platforms will ensure that teachers do not duplicate messages, which is especially beneficial if the account has more than one user.


One of the most important things to do when choosing a mass texting service is to ensure that your and your contacts’ privacy is protected. The platform you choose should be protected against information leaks, and be in line with FERPA. Teachers should also understand which compliance regulations need to be met and then closely follow the rules and regulations that apply.

In addition, a platform that gives you a number to text from is preferred because the teacher will not have to use their number to contact students, parents, and staff.


Schools often have tight budgets, so finding a cost-effective solution is essential. At Text-Em-All, we offer both Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly plans, and our support team will work directly with you to find the best, most affordable plan for your needs.

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