Let’s face it; maintaining clear communication with the congregation is one of the most important aspects of running a thriving church community.

Now more than ever, the Lord’s message brings even greater light into people’s lives amidst the continued uncertainties of the pandemic. However, keeping in touch with employees, volunteers, and attendees has become even more challenging due to restrictions and changing social habits. Could mass texting for churches be the heavenly tool that will leave your entire congregation feeling truly blessed? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is mass texting?

Mass texting is quite simply the process of delivering an SMS text message or pre-recorded voice message to a large group of people. It can be used by businesses and organizations across a wide range of backgrounds to get their message out to the masses quickly and efficiently.

While many people dismiss SMS as outdated or obsolete technology, the statistics quickly reject those notions. After all;

  • Text messages have an open rate of 98%!
  • 90% of received SMS texts are opened within 3 minutes.
  • SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than email, calls, and social media.
  • The average person responds to SMS messages within 90 seconds.
  • In the U.S., people are more accustomed to receiving texts than calls.

Why choose mass texting for church events?

Before composing your first mass text message, you must first confirm that it is a worthwhile investment of time and money. As a church organizer, wasting resources or making rash decisions that could harm your congregation or community is simply not an option.

Mass texting has become increasingly popular in many circles, and church communities can undoubtedly benefit from its implementation. Here are some of the most attractive features:


The messages within the Lord’s teachings have remained constant for centuries, but even church organizers must learn to adapt and evolve with the times. Learning to embrace modern technology is one of the most necessary modifications by far, as you cannot spread the Lord’s word to anybody if you are unable to reach your audience.

Most people have social media, but studies show that over 97% of Americans have a cell phone. Moreover, they tend to keep the devices by their sides at all times. This gives you the best opportunity to build an inclusive community, not least because a significant percentage of your community will be individuals who aren’t as keen on other forms of modern tech due to age, disabilities, or other factors.

Mass SMS processes deliver easily digested content that can be read at a convenient time too.

Easy organization

Time is the most valuable resource of all, especially when you don’t have much of it to waste. Given that your church organizations rely heavily on volunteers, a simple mass texting service for churches is the ideal way to keep your congregation connected at all times. Whether composing the messages yourself or outsourcing this job to one of your volunteers, it is the most convenient way to facilitate clear communication.

Sending SMS messages is the easiest way to spread the news of upcoming events. There is no need to design fancy flyers or posters. There is no need to print materials and pack them. There is no need to write addresses or take items to the post office manually. You simply write the message that you want to write and schedule it to be delivered to everyone on the appropriate contact list. 

Where appropriate, recording responses and data is far easier than phone calls, social media, or snail mail.


In addition to saving money, the best mass texting service for churches will reduce your expenses too. Again, this is particularly important when relying on donations to survive. The text-em-all platform offers unlimited Monthly plans from as little as $7.50 per month, alongside other packages. This works out far cheaper than leaflets, posters, letters, and making direct calls.

Furthermore, mass texting for church events is a strategy that stays restricted to people that have already joined the church or shown an interest. This eliminates financial waste to ensure the investment works harder. In turn, this allows you to focus on investing church donations on actually organizing better events, creating comfortable surroundings, and supporting your local community.

While email and social media are technically free, the human input and lower response rates counteract the proposed savings.

Proven results

The most important reason for using mass SMS messaging is that it virtually guarantees results. Only 24% of attendees visit their place of worship every week. Even if your text messaging campaigns can bring an extra 12 people for every 100 messages sent, that’s a 50% increase in the number of people attending your venue. This gives church organizers a chance to build a bigger and better community.

As the stats above highlight, SMS messages do get read while they are also proven to yield positive response rates. All recipients will have happily supplied their information at some stage. So they are already aware of the church even if they are yet to visit. Therefore, the efficiency of communication will be far greater than door-to-door connections,

Getting more people back to church, especially in the current climate, is the most rewarding thing that any priest or church organizer can do.

What are the mass texting services for church capabilities?

First and foremost, mass texting for church events is designed to inform members of your congregation about upcoming events with a view to increasing attendance levels at sermons and associated events. However, simple technology promotes clear communication in an extensive range of situations.

The mass texting services for church events can achieve all of the following and more;

  • Provide notifications of changes to event schedules.
  • Inform people when a community event has changed location.
  • Advise attendees of modifications to the protocol in line with Covid safety.
  • Tell people that all places at a community event have been booked.
  • Thank attendees for their visit.
  • Thank volunteers and fundraisers for their efforts.
  • Seek and record feedback from visitors.
  • Send out a daily or weekly quote from the bible.
  • Send well wishes on religious holidays.
  • Manage communications with volunteers.

Essentially, if you need to share a message with your congregation in a quick, secure, and affordable way with the added knowledge that messages will get read, the best mass texting service for churches will live up to your expectations.

How to get more out of mass texting for church events?

Once you have determined that mass SMS is the right option for your congregation, the next step is to ensure you are able to unlock its full potential. Mass texting service for church features allow you to send straightforward SMS messages or incorporate added features like MMS (multimedia). 

When aligning with a service that is dedicated to churches, the mass text service features allows you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of future communications in many different ways. Some of the most telling aspects include;

  • Separating your contact list into groups. This allows you to send one message to congregates and another message to volunteers or employees. Likewise, you could potentially send MMS features to recipients that you know will appreciate while focusing on SMS for those who prefer the simple message.
  • Use personalization to insert each recipient’s name into the message. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of mass communication while strengthening the bond with individual members of your church community. 
  • Include links or forms so that recipients can respond in a fast and convenient manner. This could mean adding booking confirmations, links to surveys, or a host of other features to promote easier organization or data analysis that subsequently is used to improve your service.
  • Make a big deal of its importance at sermons or during other interactions. The more members of your congregation and church teams that sign up, the easier it will be to achieve courtesy of the service.

There are plenty of additional ways to boost engagement, such as implementing A/B testing. This is where you will send two different messages with one change to see which idea works better. The change itself could be anything from the sign-off to the time that messages are sent. With a little practice, and the help of our team, you will master the process in no time.


If you’ve been wondering is a church mass texting service worth it, the information above shows that the answer is probably yes. It is a great way of connecting to the congregation, not least because it breaks down age barriers and other issues that can harm the impact of other methods and tools.

It’s affordable, easy to introduce, and guaranteed to deliver positive results in a convenient and versatile manner. To learn more about getting started, get in touch with our friendly experts today. Bringing your church communications into the modern era never looked better.