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The 18 Most Common Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

Quite Job

Are you considering a career change but feeling unsure about where to start? We get it - finding a job that aligns with your values and provides a sense of fulfillment can be tough. While a fat paycheck is great, there's so much more to job satisfaction than just the money. Did you know that many people leave their roles because they're feeling stuck or unappreciated, their workplace culture is toxic, or they're experiencing burnout? Fortunately, there are certified great places to work that prioritize their employees' well-being, offer growth opportunities, and provide a positive work environment. In this blog post, we're going to dive into the 18 most common reasons people quit their jobs and how working for a certified great place to work can help address these challenges, so you can find a career you love.

While the specific ranking of reasons why people leave their roles may vary depending on the study or survey, here is a list of 18 reasons in order of most common to least common based on the available research:

  1. Lack of career growth or development opportunities.
  2. Poor relationships with coworkers or managers.
  3. Feeling undervalued or unappreciated in their role.
  4. Burnout or high levels of stress.
  5. A mismatch between their skills and the job requirements.
  6. Lack of work-life balance or flexible scheduling options.
  7. A toxic or negative workplace culture.
  8. Limited autonomy or control over their work.
  9. Unclear expectations or goals for their role.
  10. Personal reasons, such as relocation, family obligations, or health concerns.
  11. Lack of recognition or feedback on their performance.
  12. Dissatisfaction with the company's leadership or management style.
  13. Feeling that their contributions are not making a meaningful impact within the organization.
  14. Inadequate resources or support to perform their job effectively.
  15. Lack of alignment with the company's values or mission.
  16. Limited opportunities for skill development or training.
  17. Insufficient compensation or benefits.
  18. Lack of transparency or communication from management.

It is worth noting that the relative importance of each reason may vary depending on individual circumstances, industry, and organizational context. Additionally, other reasons beyond these may contribute to employee turnover.

What is the Great Places to Work certification?

ReviewThe Great Place to Work certification is an internationally recognized designation that identifies organizations with exceptional workplace cultures. Text-Em-All is proud to be a certified Great Place To Work. The certification process involves a thorough assessment of employee feedback, HR policies, and workplace practices, which are evaluated against a global standard of workplace excellence. To be certified as a Great Place to Work, an organization must demonstrate a commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being, fosters inclusivity, and encourages collaboration and innovation. As an employee of a certified Great Place to Work, you can be confident that you are working for an organization that values your contributions and is dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging work environment.

What makes Text-Em-All a Great Place to Work?

Simply put, just imagine the opposite of each item on this list, and you'll start to understand what we strive for as an organization. Speaking from my own personal experience, accepting my role at Text-Em-All has been the best decision I ever made. Visit our careers page to view open positions, review benefits, and better understand some of our positions on career development.


Download our guide to culture to learn about our history, purpose, guiding tools, how we work as teams, and the positive impact we have on our community.