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The Benefits of Mass Messaging for Senior Living Facilities

It isn’t a secret that excellent communication is essential for any productive relationship. This also holds true for businesses, especially those working with elderly patients in senior living facilities. When facilities communicate effectively with residents, families, and caretakers, it helps provide the level of care that is most responsive to the residents’ values, needs, and preferences that enable the facility to make informed decisions.

For senior living facilities, a mass messaging service has many benefits, both to the company and patients and their families. You’ll be able to keep your contacts in the loop, build trust, and save time and energy while delivering emergency and informational messages fast. Effective communication is the foundation for excellent patient care, which ultimately leads to resident and family satisfaction.

Mass Messaging Use-Cases for Senior Living Facilities

  • Community event notifications
  • Special announcements: birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • New resident welcome message
  • Notify tenants about upcoming inspections
  • Send photos of daily or weekly food menus
  • Bed monitoring and management notifications
  • Health screening reminders
  • Open shift alerts
  • Certifications update reminders
  • Mandatory employee training reminders

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are arguably the most enjoyable time of the day for the elderly in a senior living facility. With our MMS feature, images of food menus can be sent to display favorites and help residents plan their meals.

With community event notifications, caretakers can quickly educate residents on what activities are available and at what times. Conversational texting helps you strengthen the resident - caretaker relationship as well.

You can also send messages to your employees, group messages by the team, and fully personalize each message to address the recipient specifically. You can schedule messages in advance to save time, and you can also create templates to standardize the way your message looks.

Benefits of Mass Messaging for Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities and caregivers can find a myriad of benefits in a mass messaging system.

Connect Your Team

Rally your team around a shared objective, coordinate efforts, or send out meeting notifications in an instant. Mass messaging is also great to introduce new caretakers to residents and families.

Save Time and Resources

Say goodbye to bulletin boards and email! A mass messaging system helps you reach your residents, families, and employees with valuable information in seconds so your team can focus on more critical tasks.

Emergency Management

Every second counts when there is an emergency situation that arises. With a mass messaging system, it’s easy to coordinate emergency evacuation plans, make a decision about a concerning issue, or notify family members quickly. The sooner everyone knows about an emergency or potential hazard, the easier it will be for them to respond appropriately.

Bring Families Together

Provide peace of mind to senior living residents and their families, knowing situations will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

The use of technology has changed the way senior living facilities operate. Facilities are moving away from the old ways of communicating with their residents, families, and staff, and beginning to rely on automated voice and mass text messaging tools like Text-Em-All. If you would like to learn more about how Text-Em-All can help your organization and create a great senior living patient experience, we’d love to help you get started. Reach out today, and let’s talk about it.