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What is Conversational Texting?

Customers use Call-Em-All's mass messaging service to deliver personalized, informational, emergency text messages fast. In some cases, the messages are solely notifications that don't require a reply. However, most messages are designed to engage contacts, which is when conversational texting comes in handy. We view conversational texting as a complement to our automated mass messaging services, not as a separate feature!

What is Conversational Texting?

Conversational texting is used when companies need a documented, seamless way of engaging with a contact one- on- one, either after the recipient has replied to a mass message or when you need to contact that person directly. It's exactly how it sounds: A conversation between you and one of your contacts. With our Text Conversations solution, you can manage replies, send individual messages, and view the message history.



Benefits of Using Conversational Texting

The most significant benefit of conversational texting is that it provides a complete solution for your communication needs. We don't consider it to be a separate feature, but rather a product that goes hand and hand with mass messaging. If you send out a text broadcast to a large group of people and some of those people respond with questions for you, you'll want to reply using conversational texting and engage that contact.

What Does It Cost?

  • For Monthly plans - all outbound messages and incoming replies are included at no additional cost. At this time, outbound MMS (image) messaging is unavailable.
  • For Pay-As-You-Go plans - outbound messages use one credit per 160-characters per contact, outbound MMS (images) messages are one additional credit per contact, and inbound messages are always free!