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What makes us different?

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Creating culture at Text-Em-All

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Avionté Integration

Unlike other messaging solutions, Text-Em-All is the only company capable of providing Avionté clients with a true mass messaging service.

Text-Em-All's integration with Avionté will allow users to send text and voice messages and two-way conversations to as many candidates as needed at any time.

No batch limits. No message throttles. And best of all, we are experts at phone number lookups to determine if a phone number is a landline or cell.

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Fill jobs faster

Our candidate engagement software has changed the way companies engage potential applicants and employees. Our service enables you to text or call large groups with a single broadcast, saving you time and effort. Replies to a text broadcast become private 2-way text conversations, which you can manage and respond to from your Inbox.

We've received a 98% rating on "ease of doing business with" from staffing customers, and as a partner, you can count on us to maintain a win-win relationship.

Reach out to one of our non-commissioned account managers today to learn more about the Avionté+ integration.

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Here are some good use cases:

icon-checkmark-blue    Job announcements

icon-checkmark-blue    Timecard reminders

icon-checkmark-blue    Database cleanup

icon-checkmark-blue    Interview scheduling

icon-checkmark-blue    Automatic message logging in the candidate profile

icon-checkmark-blue    Engage and retain candidates on every step of their journey

Text-Em-All Integration Demo


Engage and retain candidates on every step of their journey



Send and receive images

With Text-Em-All, you can send and receive MMS messages, including images, video, audio, and phone contacts. Text broadcasts that include an image (MMS) require one additional credit. Sending an image alone costs 2 credits.



Share a text number across all recruiters

Streamline your communication and ensure you're reaching your entire pool of candidates effectively by sharing a text number with all your recruiters.



Use your existing number for texting

You can easily text-enable your existing office phone number for texting by filling out a Text-Em-All Letter of Authorization and sending it to To learn more, visit our support site.



Up to 960 characters

With Text-Em-All, you can send SMS messages up to 960 characters. This allows you to reach potential candidates with the information they need without being restricted to a smaller character count.

Texting or calling, we've got you covered.

Our easy-to-use service gives you the tools to send important messages fast,
no matter how many people you need to contact.

Mass Text Messaging

icon-checkmark-blue    Setup keywords and auto-replies

icon-checkmark-blue   Launch text surveys

icon-checkmark-blue    Manage replies & send individual messages

icon-checkmark-blue    Text from your existing business number

icon-checkmark-blue    Create templates and personalization

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Automated Calling

icon-checkmark-blue    Schedule messages in advance

icon-checkmark-blue   Adjust call speed to regulate reply volume

icon-checkmark-blue    Save recorded messages for future use

icon-checkmark-blue    Leave voicemails if contacts don’t answer

icon-checkmark-blue    Let contacts easily connect to a live person

View all calling features

What makes our service unique?



  • 24/7 voice & email support
  • No outsourcing
  • No hold music
  • Compassionate & authentic team
  • We work hard to play hard
  • Commitment to responsible use