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Best for users who want to evaluate the service. Start with a free account and upgrade to Credits or Monthly later.

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includes 25 free credits

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  • Dedicated free account
  • Upgrade at anytime
  • Browse sample messages
  • Some features locked

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Great for senders who reach changing contacts each month with occasional or high-volume messages.

For just


per credit

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  • Credits are used to send messages
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Buy in bulk for lower pricing
  • Access to all features

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Great for senders who reach the same contact group(s) each month and want predictable billing.

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per month

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  • No credits needed
  • Pricing is based on group size
  • Send messages anytime, see limits
  • Access to all features, see why

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Feature comparison

Free accounts start with 25 free credits on the credits plan. You'll have an opportunity to buy more credits or choose a monthly plan later when it's time to upgrade your account. Too many awesome choices? Let us help you.


Starter Credits Monthly
Get started for
plus 25 free credits
As low as

per credit
Starting from
$ 10
per month
Text Messaging Features
Text Broadcast (1-to-many)
Two-Way Texting (1-to-1)
Flexible Inbox
Share with your team or limit access, make it easy for your team to collaborate on message threads.
Toll-Free & 10DLC Registration
Your text number must be registered due to new requirements and many competitors are charging these costs to customers.
No fees
No fees
No fees
Carrier Surcharges
Mobile carriers have begun charging additional fees for text messages and many competitors pass these on to customers.
No fees
No fees
No fees
Message Length
For credits, each 160-character segment costs 1 credit. For monthly, you can send up to 320 characters as often as you want, or leverage enhanced texting to send more.
up to 960 characters
up to 320 characters
Additional Text Numbers
We provide a local text number to new accounts. You can add more numbers at any time for zero additional cost.
Inbound Messages
Enhanced Texting
images, special characters, text length
Enhanced texts contain an image, special characters, emojis, or messages over 320 characters (for monthly)
1 credit per recipient
5¢ per recipient
Custom Fields
Text Templates
Text Surveys
SMS Keywords Replies
Delivery Details
Calling Features
Voice Broadcast (1-to-many)
Combo Broadcast (voice & text)
Call Surveys
Message Library
Live Transfers
Other Features
Additional Users (assign roles)
Phone Launch
Quickly send a broadcast from any phone. No computer needed!
Reporting & Analytics
Auto-Refill Credits
Software Integrations
API Access
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