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2023 in Review: Repeating Broadcasts, Enhanced Texts, and More

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the significant enhancements and features that shaped our platform throughout the year. From giving Monthly accounts the chance to type longer messages, to allowing our users to schedule conversations, here's a recap of the standout additions that transformed how our users connect and engage.

Enhanced Texts

Earlier this year, we released Enhanced Texting for all Monthly accounts. Most notably, this feature allows Monthly accounts to send messages between 321 and 960 characters, whereas, in the past, these accounts could only send messages up to 320 characters.

In addition to a higher character limit, you can also use Enhanced Texting to send:

  • An Image
  • Special Characters
  • Emojis

Each Enhanced Text Message costs an extra 5 cents per recipient, and the Text-Em-All account owner can turn this feature on or off at any time in Text Settings.


Text Signatures

Another feature we added this year is the ability to automatically add a custom text signature to all your text messages. This is a great way to automatically let contacts know who you are, highlight your brand message, or include other important info. You can toggle the signature on and off at any time anywhere you type a message. 

To create a text signature, navigate to Settings > Text Settings in your account. 

Repeating Broadcasts

Repeating broadcasts are a great way to keep your contacts engaged by sending them friendly reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This feature allows you to “Set it and forget it,” saving you time and ensuring you never forget to send a message.

All types of broadcasts can be set to repeat. This includes Text, Voice, Combo, Announcements, Surveys, and Transfer and Connect broadcasts.

You can create repeating schedules for a broadcast at the following intervals:

  • Daily
  • Weekly (ex: Mon., Wed., Friday or Every Weekday)
  • Monthly (ex: Monthly on the 20th)
  • Custom (ex. Repeats every 4 days)

This feature is currently only available for Credits accounts.


Conversation Scheduling

When sending a text from your Inbox, you can now choose to send it immediately or schedule it to be sent at a future time and date. If you choose to schedule it to be sent later, the message will queue up and be sent at the time you specify.

This feature allows you to schedule and send messages to only one recipient, instead of scheduling a broadcast for a larger group of contacts.

You can manage scheduled conversations anytime by clicking on the "Scheduled" folder in your Inbox. This feature is available to both Credits and Monthly accounts.

As we step into the future, these enhancements serve as a testament to our dedication to making Text-Em-All a dynamic and user-centric platform. Stay tuned for more innovations in 2024!

User Response Indicator

Have you ever accidentally double-texted a contact because you didn’t know a fellow Account User was also working on a response?

Our User Response Indicator will let you know if another user is already responding to your contact’s reply in your Inbox threads. The indicator will populate near the text box. 

We hope this platform upgrade will help our users avoid double-texting and spending more credits than needed.


Character Limit Increase - 1,600 Characters

You asked, and we answered. Our character limit for Credits accounts is now officially 1,600 characters. This update will allow you to share more valuable content with your contacts in one singular message instead of having to send a second message. 

This feature is currently only available for Credits accounts.

Mobile Website Responsiveness

This year, we also made the mobile experience smoother for our customers by making our website responsive on mobile phones and tablets. This means you'll experience the same functionality on your mobile devices as you would experience on your desktop computer to provide you with a seamless and consistent experience across our platforms.

Stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming year, and thank you for being a part of the Text-Em-All community!