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How Construction Companies Can Benefit from Mass Texting

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No industry was left untouched by the pandemic, but the construction industry has continued to grow throughout the past years. Today, the construction sector in the US is worth over $2.4 trillion, and it is set to continue growing at a rate of 2.6% each year. 

While the construction industry continues to boom, many construction sites still struggle with challenges that prevent them from streamlining operations, creating a safer workplace, and increasing efficiency. 

Tailored mass text services are a cost-effective solution to all these issues, and the benefits are endless.

Send Real-Time Updates and Alerts

Keeping your employees and contractors up to date regarding everything that is happening on a construction site can be challenging. During a 3-4 month construction project, there could be over 35 workers on site at any given time, which makes it difficult to ensure everyone receives important project updates and alerts. 

Luckily, over 87% of people in the U.S. report having a smartphone, which makes text messaging a great communication solution. 

With Text-Em-All mass texting for business, you can send out information about:

  • Schedule changes
  • Priority and task lists
  • Delays and site closures
  • Inspection reminders

Mass texting is even more important if you need to alert your employees of emergencies such as:

  • Accidents - including burns, slips, falls, and overexertion
  • Disasters - such as explosions, chemical spills, electrical issues, fires, and structural failures
  • Inclement weather alerts - such as heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and strong winds
  • Health and safety hazards - including airborne and material exposures and loud noise levels.

Construction worker using electric drill on building site

Increased Safety on the Construction Site

Thanks to procedures such as permit-to-work systems, risk assessments, and PPE guidelines, the number of safety issues and workplace injuries on construction sites is decreasing. However, over 150,000 nonfatal injuries are reported in the sector each year, and construction still accounts for 20% (over 1,060) of work fatalities.

So, for construction managers, it has never been more important to secure their construction site, protect their employees, and safeguard the whole business’s reputation. 

Investing in a multimedia messaging service can add an extra safety layer to the measures that you have already implemented. Some of the benefits of real-time mass texting for workplace safety include:

  • Sending out immediate updates for on-site emergencies or severe weather alerts
  • Reaching everyone on-site in a matter of seconds
  • Quickly receiving questions with two way messaging
  • Keeping residents safe and up to date with site developments
  • Avoiding relying only on word of mouth for urgent updates

Remember that in an emergency situation, it is all about timing, and there's no faster way to alert everyone on-site than real-time, customized mass messages!

More Accurate PPE and Machinery Tracking

Unsafe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and machinery failures are two of the main causes of accidents on construction sites. For example, 43% of all non-fatal accidents in the workplace involve hands, and over 70% of these could be prevented by using suitable gloves.

At the same time, tens of workers and contractors are present on a construction site at any given time, and it can be hard for supervisors to ensure PPE compliance, guarantee machinery safety, and assess protective gear conditions. 

Text messages are a great way for employees and managers to keep track of the status of PPE, machinery, and equipment. For example, if one of the employees reports an issue to their manager, the managers can send out immediate updates to everyone at risk.

constructions workers looking at instructions Streamlined Employee Coordination

One of the biggest challenges for managers in the construction industry is labor optimization and employee coordination. Each construction site is different, and schedules, tasks, and conditions change so fast that it can be challenging to manage the teams involved. 

Mass texting for construction companies allows managers to:

  • Keep their employees up to date with the latest schedule changes
  • Send out customized schedules, work timetables, and appointment reminders
  • Redistribute labor to keep up with any prioritized task

Extra hours opportunities and additional work shifts can also be made available through mass texting, thus giving employees easy access to more flexibility.

Real-Time Supply Chain and Logistics Tracking

Workers’ productivity is a major challenge for construction companies. According to recent statistics, construction workers spend around 14.6% of their time looking for materials and nearly 10% socializing. 

Personalized texting for construction firms can help managers improve site productivity by tracking the supply chain and delivering updates about material availability. At the same time, workers have an additional tool to report on shortages of materials before these can impact the whole project’s schedule.

Communication With the Local Community

Construction projects often affect the surrounding community. Some of the issues reported by local residents when a construction project starts to include:

  • Loss of quietude
  • Increased debris and dust in their house
  • High noise levels
  • Roadblocks and impact on daily commutes

Thanks to construction company mass texting services, your construction company can keep the public up-to-date with information such as:

  • Hours of work and timings at which noise can be loud
  • Start and completion dates
  • Details about eventual power cuts
  • Construction manager’s contact details
  • Alternative traffic routes is the construction project involved roadwork
  • Safety information

Something as simple as a quick text might be all that’s needed to keep the public safe and informed.

Secure Document Sharing 

On every construction job site, there is an ongoing flow of documents, risk assessment papers, compliance, and forms to be filled in. Construction communication is challenging at all levels, but if this exchange of documents is impacted, you could be putting your employees at risk!

Text messaging represents a great alternative to share large volumes of documents safely and immediately - especially if you can redirect contractors, managers, and authorized personnel to an internal cloud system where they’ll find all they need.

Easier Hiring Process

Labor shortage is one of the greatest challenges for construction companies across the nation. Unlike email, a text message can be a great way to streamline your hiring process, increase your chances to secure a skilled professional for your goring team, and find labor when shortages have started to impact the whole project’s schedule. 

Choosing the Right Text Messaging Service for Your Construction Company

The competition among construction companies to secure the best projects and workers is fiercer than ever. Thanks to real-time mass text messages, you can enhance your construction group’s communication, improve your productivity, and gain a unique competitive edge. But don’t forget that finding the right mass text messaging company for your needs is key. Get started by learning more about what Text-Em-All can do for your construction company.

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