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Understanding the Recent FCC Order and Its Impact

What are the rules?

Recently, a few customers have been asking us how updates from the FCC might impact our service. We are aware of the recent FCC order concerning robocalls for entities relying on TCPA exemptions. As background, the TCPA governs calls made without prior express consent. This recent order concerns entities that wish to be exempt, i.e., make calls without acquiring such express consent. However, our Responsible Use policy requires Text-Em-All users to acquire prior express consent before sending calls or messages. For informational messages, consent is as simple as a person giving you or your organization their phone number. Therefore, our users should not be affected should they adhere to our terms of use.


The Importance of Consent in Messaging

Consent isn't just a legal requirement; it's a cornerstone of respectful communication. When you have someone's express consent to contact them, you start the conversation on the right foot. It shows you value their time and privacy, creating more positive interaction.

In line with the TCPA and our Responsible Use policy, we always mandate our users to obtain prior express consent before sending out any calls or messages. This ensures compliance with the law and fosters trust and respect between you and your audience.

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Navigating the TCPA Landscape

The TCPA, or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, is a key piece of legislation in the telecommunications world. It's designed to protect consumers from unwanted calls and messages. Understanding the TCPA and its requirements is crucial for anyone using our services. We have a complete guide on SMS compliance if you want to learn more.

The recent FCC order has spotlighted the TCPA, particularly regarding exemptions. While some entities may be seeking exemptions, we want to reassure our users that adhering to our Responsible Use policy will keep you in compliance with the TCPA.

Effective Messaging Tips

Now that we've covered the legal side of things let's talk about making your messages effective and engaging. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep it Simple: Your message should be clear and concise. Avoid jargon and keep your language simple and straightforward.

  2. Be Relevant: Make sure your message is relevant to the recipient. Irrelevant messages can lead to frustration and potentially harm your relationship with your audience.

  3. Timing is Key: Consider the timing of your message. Avoid sending messages at odd hours of the day.

  4. Personalize When Possible: Personalization can make your message more engaging. Use the recipient's name or reference something specific to them.

  5. Include a Clear Call to Action: If you want your recipient to do something, be clear. A clear call to action can significantly increase engagement.

Remember, effective mass texting is more than just sending a message; it's about creating a meaningful connection with your audience. By adhering to best practices and respecting your audience's consent, you're well on your way to effective, respectful, and compliant communication.