What is consent?

As long as you have proper consent, you can send messages to your contacts.
Consent varies depending upon the type of messages you are sending. 


Emergency Messages

Under the FCC rules, you can send emergency messages (like a utility outage or weather emergency) to anyone.

Informational Messages

The subscriber's release of their telephone number to you provides consent for messages. For example, if you supply your number while applying for a job, you are consenting to messages related to your job.

The same simple logic applies when giving your number to a school, church, employer, or business you work with.


Collection Messages

Many clients use Call-Em-All for friendly collection reminders and service interruption warnings. These types of messages fall under the same category as "Informational Messages." But, when an account has been canceled and/or third-party debt collectors get involved — it gets more complicated, and we don't want any part of it.

Telemarketing Messages

The rules are different for marketing messages. But, since you know that Text-Em-All doesn't allow our service to be used for these — we don't need to get into it! Consent can get tricky, so we always recommend that you speak to a Customer Experience team member before sending messages.

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