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What Does Sent as SMS Via Server Mean?

What does sent as SMS via server mean?
What Does Sent as SMS Via Server Mean?

Whether sending a quick text to a friend or receiving an important notification from a business, the ability to send and receive SMS messages seamlessly is crucial. However, what do you do if you see the message “Sent as SMS via Server?” What does it mean, and does it affect the delivery of your message?

The Basics of SMS Server Messaging

You can look at your text messages' technical journey to understand server messaging more clearly.

When you send a text, it doesn’t go directly from your phone to your recipient’s phone. Instead, it goes to a server operated by your mobile carrier or a third-party messaging service. The server then sends the message to your recipient’s carrier network. Once it arrives, the carrier network sends the message to your recipient’s phone.

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What Does "Sent as SMS via Server" Mean?

If you see the message “Sent as SMS via Server,” it means the text message has left your phone but is now on the server. This message is just letting you know which part of its journey your text is at.

3 Reasons You'll See This Message

There are a few reasons you might see this message. Here are three of the most common reasons.

Cross-Carrier Messaging

When you send an SMS to someone using a different mobile carrier network, your message passes through multiple servers and gateways to reach its destination. Server systems facilitate this process, which explains the "Sent as SMS via Server" status.

Business Communication and Notifications

Many businesses, organizations, and services leverage SMS gateways and server-based messaging solutions, including mass texting services, to communicate efficiently with their customers or users. This communication method is often used for appointment reminders, order confirmations, or other important notifications.

SMS Marketing and Campaigns

Companies often employ SMS marketing campaigns to reach their target audience, and these messages are typically sent via server systems to manage large-scale distribution effectively.

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How to Correct the "Sent as SMS via Server" Status

Fortunately, the "Sent as SMS via Server" message is not an error that needs to be corrected. It indicates that your SMS message is being processed and delivered through the appropriate server systems. However, if you're experiencing issues with message delivery, you could consider:

Using Over-the-Top (OTT) Messaging Apps

Popular OTT messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage don’t use the traditional SMS process and send messages directly over the internet. If you’re experiencing issues with the delivery of your message, these offer an alternate way to reach your recipient.

Enabling RCS (Rich Communication Services)

RCS is a new communication method that hasn’t been fully released to all mobile phones yet. It is an enhanced texting experience that offers features beyond what we can do with SMS right now.

These features include:

  • Read receipts
  • High-resolution media sharing
  • Improved group message capabilities and more.

If your device and carrier support RCS, enabling this feature may provide a more seamless messaging experience.

Why Server-Based SMS Delivery Matters

While it may seem like it’s just an extra step, server-based SMS delivery is crucial for several reasons:

Reliability: Server systems ensure that SMS messages are reliably delivered, even when the recipient is on a different carrier network or location.

Speed: SMS delivery through server systems is often faster and more efficient than direct device-to-device messaging.

Scalability: For businesses and organizations that need to send large volumes of text messages, server-based delivery solutions offer the scalability and capacity required to handle mass communication effectively.

Setting up Server-Based SMS Messaging as a Business

Setting up a server-based messaging solution is important and relatively simple for businesses and organizations looking to use mass texting as part of their communication strategy. Here are some key considerations:

Choosing the Right Messaging Platform

Look at mass messaging services and compare reliability, features, pricing, and integration capabilities. Look for platforms that meet your messaging needs and align with your goals.

Enhancing SMS Server Messaging with Automation and Personalization

To use mass texting effectively, consider using automation tools to trigger personalized messages based on specific events or customer interactions. In addition, use analytics and reporting to gain insights into your delivery rates and overall campaign performance.

Ensuring Compliance and Security

When sending large amounts of texts, it’s important to comply with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Choose a messaging platform prioritizing data security, privacy, and industry best practices.

Leverage Servers for Mass Texting

In summary, “Sent as SMS via Server” is normal — it just means that servers are helping deliver your messages reliably.

If you want to use a mass texting service to send more texts faster, consider Text-Em-All. Our robust and easy-to-use platform offers competitive pricing, features like automation, and a team that genuinely cares for our customers. To get started, simply create your free account and start sending messages today.