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Reduce number blocking and help ensure continuous delivery of your text messages with toll free number registration and message verification.



Why toll-free verification?

The toll-free verification process is not currently required, but we expect it to be in the coming months. The process is designed to reduce unwanted messages and SPAM, which is something we already strive for at Text-Em-All and the reason 70% of our existing toll-free numbers are already registered.


Ineligible use cases
  • High risk financial services
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Debt forgiveness
  • Illegal substances / activities
  • Deceptive marketing
  • Pornography, profanity or hate speech

What does toll-free number verification look like?





  1. Create a free account with Text-Em-All and we'll automatically assign you a toll-free number at no cost.

  2. Complete our toll-free number registry form to identify your organization and examples of messages you plan on sending

  3. We'll submit your information to our aggregator and confirm your verified status

  4. Once approved, your status will reduce the number of false-positive blocks and help improve the deliverability of your toll-free text messages.

Why Text-Em-All?



We've been in the mass messaging space since 2005 and are able to leverage our relationships to register numbers and resolve blocked numbers faster than competitors.

We're a values driven company that puts people over profit. We do the right thing, even when nobody's looking. We strive to be a joy to do business with.

We understand that your messages are important and need to be delivered fast. We keep our product simple and offer transparent pricing with no contracts or hidden fees.



FAQs for toll-free number text registration

Currently, the process can take up to 3 business days. Unlike 10DLC, toll-free verification requests are reviewed manually.

Click here to submit a verification form.

  • Reduced amount of incorrect blocked messages
  • Faster resolution for message delivery issues
  • Improved protection for your brand

Verification is not whitelisting. If you're sending messages that don't align with the examples and use cases given in your registration, your messages will likely be blocked. 

In short, toll-free text messaging is the best option for informational text messages. Toll-free numbers have a higher throughput (message delivery speed), fewer limitations (minute/hourly/daily volume limits), and fewer filtering restrictions (message content scrutiny) than 10DLC/local phone numbers. 

Local numbers also don't support delivery receipts which are critical to knowing how many messages were received.

Short codes are very expensive (thousands/year) and can take months to setup.

Text-Em-All does not charge to register the toll-free numbers we assign to customers, or the toll-free numbers that our customers bring to our platform.

Toll-free numbers are cell phone numbers that begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. 

We recommend using toll-free phone numbers for a few reasons.

  • Toll-free numbers allow you to send approved high-volume traffic
  • Toll-free texting provides better deliverability information
  • Toll-free service offers a faster speed of deliverability
  • Toll-free service has less strict filtering by carriers
  • Toll-free codes are well recognized 

Yes. If you already own toll-free number(s), you can use the same toll-free number with Text-Em-All. If you need a toll-free phone number, you will get a toll-free number assigned to your account upon sign-up with our service.

Yes, but we recommend keeping the number of toll-free numbers assigned to your business to a minimum. If you need more toll-free numbers, please reach out to our support team.


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