Tired of getting unwanted text messages on your phone? Automated message spam is illegal, but that isn't stopping the scammers from sending out endless offers for free gifts, cheap mortgages, or debt relief services. We loathe unwated messages, and we hate text spam just as much as you do. Really. 

Here are 5 tips to help protect yourself from unwanted messages.

Don't Reply To Messages

If you don't recognize the sender or the number you should ignore instructions to text "STOP" to prevent future texts. While it may be tempting to reply back with a strongly worded message asking the sender to stop, this is a common ploy to verify your number is actively in use. Never dial call-back numbers either.

Block the Sender

One of the easiest ways to stop scammers is to block the number. Here's a great article on how to block a number on any phone.

Forward Texts to 7726

Forwarding the message to 7726 (SPAM) will notify your carrier so they can investigate.

Anti-Spam Apps

If you have a smartphone, there may be apps you can download to prevent spam. Search your app store and you'll see a lot of options come up.

Protect Your Information

Treat your personal information, including your phone numbers, like they are your most valuable treasure. Don't give your number out to anyone you don't know. Don't put it down on that sweepstakes form at the local fair. Just don't.

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Do you have any tips for avoiding spam texts? Comment below and let us know!