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Can a Text Recruiting Platform Save You Time?

If you run a recruitment or staffing agency, you will undoubtedly benefit from having access to a quality text recruiting platform.

SMS is both immediate and discreet, not to mention that it gives you the chance to contact any candidates about any new or existing positions without drawing the same attention that comes with calls or emails. By texting, you can also limit the visibility of your messages, which is ideal if the employee is still at their current place of work. Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 recruiters find it difficult to find new candidates. Of course, this challenge comes at no surprise, considering that 86% of the highest qualified candidates are not seeking a new job. As a recruiter, finding the right balance between reaching out to large groups and targeting potential candidates can be difficult. This is where mass texting comes in. Mass texting gives you the chance to have a personal level of communication with a broad reach. It also gives your organization the opportunity to send out a single text to thousands, all at the same time. You have the reach and high volume of communication with intimacy.

Candidates and Responding to Mass Texting

The first thing you have to do with any campaign is to ensure that you have compliance. If you want your texts to be fully legal, then you need to ask your candidates for verbal or written consent to receive messages. This works to your benefit because it vets the candidate pool down to those who are most interested. While texting is often considered to be personal and reserved to close friends or acquaintances, it’s actually the most preferred method of communication. 80% of recruitment agencies are now using texting, and 15% of companies have said that over 50% of the messages they send are for business purposes. Recruiters are in a unique position, as 90% of their leads prefer to be contacted by text instead of being called. Texting your candidates with new jobs or openings comes with a level of universal appeal. Learn how a mass texting service is the most effective way to keep people informed when it matters most.

SMS Recruitment: How Can It Save You Time?

Texting is all about automation. It’s also about making things simpler. If you want to find out more about the benefits that come with mass texting, then simply look below.

Less Back and Forth

To begin with, mass texting gives you the chance to communicate with a lot of people at once. You can keep your calendar pretty much open if you want. You can schedule interviews while you send out screening surveys. You can also create templates, meaning that you can increase the standard of your communication significantly.

Unparalleled Flexibility

If you are trying to reach people looking to change jobs but have not left their current position yet, they may not be able to take phone calls when required. They may not take a call during business hours because they are in a fragile situation. Texting is great here because it can offer a very discreet alternative. People can engage with recruiters during the most convenient time. This can be done for both parties. People no longer have to wait to take a call when they can because they can text back immediately.

Higher Response Rates

Do you sometimes feel frustrated when you write to your candidates, knowing full well that you’re probably going to be ignored? Studies have found that only 20% of candidates open staffing and recruitment emails. The click-through rate of these emails is only around 1.8%. The great thing about text messages is that they almost always get opened. Less than 2% never get opened, and the click-through rate stands at around 17%. Unlike emails and inboxes, you never have to worry about your texts being picked up by a spam filter or anything else similar. This will save you time because you won’t need to worry about chasing people up all the time.

Speeding up the Recruitment Process

Vacant positions are costly, and they certainly take their toll on your team. Data shows that most text messages, 90% in fact, are opened in the first 3 minutes. Texting isn’t one way either. Your contacts can quickly reply to mass texts, so you can be sure to receive a response soon.


Did you know that SMS messages can also be automated? This is not the only reason why recruiters use mass texting, but it’s a huge benefit. The great thing about mass texting is that you can usually connect it to your current software. You can also send out automated texts to your candidates whenever a new job opens. You can set up an automatic alert when new applications are received, and you can also provide links to the correct paperwork whenever a candidate gets to a certain point in the hiring stage. This could save you hours, not to mention that it could also help you to provide a much more efficient recruitment process to the people who you work with.

Tracked and Measured

We’ve touched very briefly on click-through rates and open rates. These are super important metrics, but it is more than possible to take this one step further. A lot of text messaging services come with a segmentation feature. This means that you can set up automated texts that are sent to those who did not click on the link that you sent out in your previous message. You can also send out automatic reminders that go out just before deadlines, reminding anyone who may need reminding about the deadline or link. The great thing about tracking and measuring your results is that it gives you time to plan out which processes are working and which ones aren’t so that you can save yourself more time in the future.


When you work at a recruitment agency and hire new talent, you will need to pay job board fees, and you’ll also need to pay for internal recruiter costs. That is why you need to spend money on new tools, but only if they will benefit your bottom line. Mass texting gives you a ton of benefits here, and for a meager cost too. Most of the time, incoming messages will be free, and you will pay a very low price for every text you send out. Of course, this offers you a lot of cost savings, but it can also save you hours at the end of the day. You won’t have to worry about facilitating a response, and you won’t have to invest in multiple tools or processes so that you can have two-way communication.

More Personal Experience

The great thing about the text message inbox is that it is unlike any other. It contains messages from co-workers, friends, and family. Hunting for a job is personal, so most people are more than happy to provide consent for recruiters. Text messages give you the chance to give way more personal experiences, and you can even customize your mass texts through the use of custom fields. When you have two-way messaging, you can easily address concerns or questions immediately. This provides an experience that is better overall while also ensuring that the whole thing is much more personal.

Of course, it’s imperative to remember that no two hiring managers work in the same way. Texting can be used in a considerable number of ways when it comes to recruitment. Some professionals choose to send out mass alerts regarding recruitment, and others prefer to set up advanced automation. Others forgo the idea of bulk texting entirely and decide to set up one-on-one conversations with their candidates. Either way, it’s very easy for you to set up mass texting for your recruitment agency. The fact that you can personalize it to meet the needs of your recruitment agency means that you can save time. You won’t have to deal with clunky processes that take way longer than they should, just because it doesn’t meet the needs of your business model.


Another key benefit of using SMS texting if you are a recruiter is that it helps you communicate well with your candidates. It also gives you a considerable amount of privacy. The only person who is likely to see the message is the recipient intended to see it. Even if your message pops up on the recipient’s phone, and someone happens to see it, they are not likely to think anything about it. This offers many benefits, as touched on briefly earlier. It helps them hide the fact that they are looking for a new job if they are still working for their existing company. If the company were to find out, then this would put them in a compromising position. If they want to keep their job search a secret, then they can quickly stop suspicion. Rather than expecting your candidate to take a phone call during working hours, which could cause them many issues in their active role, you can instead ask them to text or call at a convenient time. You can also use texting to confirm important details, which can be stored in the person’s phone. This saves time because it allows the recipient the chance to respond immediately in most cases, as opposed to them ignoring your call. After all, they are simply not able to take it at the time.


Why You Should Use Text-Em-All's Mass Text Messaging Service

Text-em-all can provide you with all of the above benefits and more! We are very proud to say that we have a 99% deliverability rate and that our service is designed with teams in mind.

 A lot of text messaging services out there charge per text number or even per user. When you come to us - we appreciate simplicity! You will get access to unlimited users and unlimited numbers. Users can share a number, or they can have assigned numbers. We will give you accurate reporting on both.

Finally, we make sure that we customize our service to meet your needs. We can help you develop custom reports, and we can also help you with the training and setup. Our support team is available 24/7 and prides themselves on being a joy to do business with.



Mass texting is here to say. Here at Text-em-all, we will personally make sure that we work with you to ensure that our texting service meets the needs of your recruitment agency. We will also make sure that we help you understand the ins and outs of the service to customize it to meet the needs of your business. All of the benefits above come with our service, and every single one of them will help you save a considerable amount of time when running your recruitment business. 

If you want to find out more about our service, how we can help you, or anything else of the sort, then the only thing that you have to do is contact us today. We can't wait to hear from you, and we are delighted to hear from you. You can call us at (877) 226-3080 or start your free trial today.

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