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How To Improve Your Hiring Process Efficiency with Text Messaging

Every employer wants to build a strong team and recruit the best candidates for each role. With competition heating up due to employee selection shortages, it has never been more critical for businesses to prioritize an efficient recruiting strategy. If your hiring processor recruitment process is too slow or convoluted, there is a risk of losing out on the strongest applicants to another job offer. In this guide, we’ll explore why it is essential to have seamless, effective hiring practices in place and how a staffing agency can optimize efficiency.

What causes the hiring process to be slow and inefficient?

Research suggests that it takes an average of 36 days to fill a vacancy at the cost of over $4,400. Statistics also indicate that in recent years, employment rates have increased, with candidates choosing from a larger pool of employers.

The speed of hiring, combined with competition for the best candidates, means that many employers miss out on their first choice of new employees. Employees who have sought-after talents, skills, and qualifications accept a job offer within days of adverts being posted, leaving some companies lagging behind.

There are several reasons why the hiring process may be inefficient, including a long-winded and complicated recruitment process, unorganized background and reference checks, and choosing the wrong staffing agency to work with. There is also a risk of being too narrow in your search for a new employee and failing to provide recruiters with sufficient information to pinpoint candidates that meet the brief.

The good news is that there is a solution that can help boost efficiency, improve the hiring process, and increase the chances of recruiting a new employee in demand: a mass texting and automated calling service, such as Text-Em-All. 

How can Text-Em-All help your hiring process?

Text-Em-All is an innovative talent acquisition, recruitment, and staffing solution, which can supercharge hiring efficiency and connect employers and their staffing agency with talented potential new employees.

If your business is recruiting, it’s natural to want to source the best candidates, but there is a risk of losing out if you don’t move rapidly. If your processes are too slow and complicated, and you’re finding that you’re losing ground on employee selection to competitors, Text-Em-All can help.

We contact large groups of people in a single broadcast using mass messaging services, generating interest around new positions and facilitating seamless engagement between employers and prospective new employees.

Once an individual responds to a broadcast to express an interest in a role, the conversation evolves into a private two-way chat between the employer and the candidate. The Conversations feature allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your contacts directly within your account in addition to being able to quickly message up to 15 contacts. You can view and respond to any replies all in one place! This is the perfect feature to schedule interview times, confirm background checks, and more with potential new employees!

When time is of the essence, utilizing our service can help save you valuable hours and days, cut costs in the recruiting process, and bring you into contact with people who have the relevant skills, expertise, and experience.

Best hiring and recruiting process practices:

Statistics indicate that the most sought-after candidates receive a job offer and are hired within ten days from the hiring manager. This means that there is no time to waste for businesses looking to add a new employee to their team. If your hiring manager is on a mission to implement a more effective hiring process and recruitment process, here are some tips for improvement:

  • Consider internal applications: the process to recruit internal qualified candidates is likely to be faster (no job interviews, reference checks, or background checks) and less expensive than the external hiring of a new employee. It can also have a positive impact on staff retention rates and employee wellbeing and morale. If you have talented individuals within the business and believe they have what it takes to excel in the new job, consider approaching them about openings and the job description before posting adverts externally.
  • Prioritize clarity when posting job adverts: on average, a corporate job receives 250 applications during the hiring process. Trawling through forms and reading hundreds of responses and personal statements takes time. To eliminate the risk of wasting time and missing out on opportunities to employ the best talent, ensure that your job description is concise, clear, and detailed. Specify essential skills and qualifications. Also, be ensure to include if reference checks and background checks are mandatory. This should reduce the number of applications that don’t fit the job description and ensure you have a short-list of qualified candidates.
  • Bring the best candidates in for interview: job interviews offer an unrivaled opportunity to get to know people, to see what they are all about, and to gauge how well a potential new employee would fit in with the existing team. The trouble with interviews is that they can take a long time to organize, and the process can go on for days, even weeks before a job offer is made. To optimize efficiency in the hiring process, it’s wise to slim down the list of job candidates before the interview process, focusing on a small number of applicants that stand out from the crowd.
  • Review and evaluate your existing recruitment processes: it’s always beneficial to evaluate the way you work in business. Analyzing data and taking a closer look at the methods you utilize can help you highlight weaknesses and cut out unnecessary processes and steps in the case of hiring. Go through each phase and ask yourself whether it is beneficial or impactful. Streamlining the process can help to save time, effort, and money without compromising on quality or efficacy.
  • Make sure to use innovative tools and hiring resources: technology is advancing all the time, and business owners have access to an arsenal of tools and resources that can increase efficiency and eliminate mundane, repetitive, time-consuming tasks. If you’re hiring, take advantage of tools like Text-Em-All’s mass messaging services to work faster and simplify processes - beyond job boards.


Talented employees with an impressive work history attract a lot of interest, and employers have to make sure they move rapidly to secure the best candidates for a new job. An efficient hiring strategy can help you maximize your chances of recruiting the best applicants and save time and money.

If you are keen to improve your hiring process and skip the job boards, there are several ways to increase efficiency and streamline recruitment systems, including taking advantage of cutting-edge tools, creating clear, detailed adverts, hiring internally, and evaluating existing hiring resources and processes to eradicate unnecessary steps.

Text-Em-All FAQs:

What is Text-Em-all?

Text-Em-All is a mass messaging service, which offers benefits for staffing and recruiting agencies looking to hire candidates quickly and improve their hiring process. Customers create a message, which is then delivered to large groups of recipients.

We're different because of our culture. We believe it's our biggest competitive advantage. We're passionate about creating positive experiences for our customers, and ensuring that our platform isn't being used to spam marketing or political messages. Follow us on social to find out more!

What happens when a person receives the message?

If a person answers the call, they will hear your message and then have the opportunity to repeat the message (at no extra cost) or opt-out of future calls. If a call goes to voicemail, we wait for the beep and leave the message.

Text messages simply get delivered from the unique text-enabled number for your account.

Can the recipient respond to the message?

Absolutely! There are several features that allow recipients to respond to your messages and improve the hiring process and user experience.

By text, you are able to use the conversations section of your account to manage replies. The Conversations feature allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your contacts directly within your account in addition to being able to quickly message up to 15 contacts. You can view and respond to any replies all in one place!

Using the survey broadcast option, recipients that answer the call live are able to indicate a single response using their keypad. A survey broadcast allows you to ask a question to your group via voice message and have them respond on their phone keypad. We will report back to you what each caller pressed in the Broadcast Details page for that particular broadcast. 

How fast does the service work?

We can process up to 2,500 messages per minute. Faster than job boards!

What kind of messages do users send?

Our platform is used to transmit informational messages to those who are expecting to receive the information. If someone didn’t give their number directly to you or your organization, do not use our service.

Our clients vary widely and include Fortune 500 companies, staffing companies, churches, schools, and more. Our clients send millions of messages each month to their employees, potential candidates, congregations, students, residents, customers, and patients.

Are there any restrictions on message content?

The Text-Em-All service is a powerful group messaging technology that gives staffing and recruiting agencies the ability to notify thousands of people in seconds.

As such, we expect you to make sure you use it responsibly. We do not allow marketing, promotional, charitable contributions, or political messages on our platform.

Also, DO NOT use Text-Em-All to send messages to phone numbers that were not given directly to you or your organization. This includes contacts that were acquired or purchased from a third-party list provider.

How do I get started?

Create a free account and get 25 credits to try out the service on us. Deliver your messages faster and improve your recruiting strategy and hiring process with our texting and calling service.

Click here to get started now.

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