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Manage Replies Better with Text Message Notifications

It's no secret that thousands of businesses and organizations use Text-Em-All to deliver mass text messages to their contact groups. While some of those messages might be notifications or alerts that don't require a reply, others are meant to engage in dialog with their contacts.

When your contacts begin to reply to your text messages, how swiftly do you respond to or take action on those replies? And have there been times where you tell yourself you'll get to those replies later, but you end up completely forgetting about them? Don't worry, because you're not alone. Many people don't get it right when responding to those text messages.

In this blog, we will discuss why you shouldn't ignore text replies, what conversational texting is, and how the new Text-Em-All conversations mobile app will help you manage replies better.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Text Replies

Everyone knows that text messages have a high response rate, but what is really shocking is how many replies to the original message go unread. It's never a good idea to ignore replies from your contacts, especially if you asked for them to respond! Let's take a more in-depth look and explore why you shouldn't ignore your mass text responses:

You Could Be Missing Out on Valuable Information

Just like you wouldn't leave a voicemail unread, you shouldn't ignore your text replies. Those replies could be a meaningful message, like a candidate telling you they want to take that open job you're offering, a co-worker who needs to discuss an emergency issue, or a patient that you're waiting to hear back from regarding their upcoming scheduled appointment

Texting Leads to Conversations and Engaged Contacts

When you get a response from a mass text message sent to your contacts, that person wants to have an open conversation with you. Don't waste the opportunity by taking a long time to respond or even forgetting to respond at all!

Ignoring Replies Can Be Costly

Our system will review your inbound texts to make sure we're auto opting-out contacts who don't want to receive text messages in the future, but what about those who respond telling you not to text them again and aren't easy for systems to detect?

You could get fined approximately $500 per message if you continue messaging someone that replies and asks you to stop texting them. And trust us, those fines can add up quickly!

So please, do both yourself and your contacts a favor. If you have unread text replies in Conversations, read them! 

Respond to Replies with Conversational Texting

In a nutshell, conversational texting is useful when businesses and organizations want a documented and seamless way of engaging with their contact groups. It allows them to have one-on-one private conversations with individual recipients or with contacts that reply to your mass text message. 

Text Conversations Features

  • Use Templates from your message library
  • Insert custom fields (first name, last name, etc.) to personalize your message
  • Send MMS (image) messages; Pay-As-You-Go plan only
  • Opt contacts out of communications with Auto Opt-Outs

Manage Replies on the go with Text-Em-All's New Conversations Mobile App!

You're likely busy throughout the day and are probably guilty of not always responding to text message replies from your contact groups. What you need is some way of knowing when you get responses so you can action them in a timely fashion.

Did you know that you can use our new Conversations mobile app to receive push notifications whenever you get a new text message from a member of your contact groups? Here are four of the app's top features:

Conversational Texting

Each time a contact group recipient sends you text message notifications, you can review and respond to them directly through the app.

Instant Push Notifications

Never lose track of text message notifications and important messages from your contact group recipients. The Conversations mobile app will send you instant push notifications for any new responses that need to be viewed.

Automatic Message Syncing

When you've finished using your computer for the day, you can still catch up with responses and engage with contact groups using the app's automatic message syncing feature.

Contact Opt-Outs

If some of your broadcast recipients no longer want to receive messages, you can opt-out those contacts as required and mark those conversations as actioned.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that SMS text messaging is a powerful tool for any business or organization. But, it can only be helpful when managed efficiently. Text-Em-All’s platform provides the right tools to achieve your messaging goals, and with our new Conversations mobile app, you’ll have even more flexibility and support to help you manage and engage with your contact groups.

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