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    Introducing SMS Keywords and Auto Replies

    Responding to and engaging with contacts without lifting a finger - sounds like a dream, right? With Text-Em-All’s new automation features, we’ve made this possible through a simple set-up of customizable options. 

    This month, we rolled out two new automation features: SMS Keywords and Auto Replies. Both of these features allow users to set up automated, personalized responses to contacts' mobile devices. SMS Keywords and Auto Replies are currently only available to our Pay-As-You-Go customers.

    SMS Keywords: Automatically engage your contacts

    What are SMS Keywords?

    A SMS keyword is a word or phrase that triggers a corresponding automated text message. Keywords help keep recipients in the loop without teams taking the time to individually respond to contacts.

    Some keyword requirements include: 

    • Keywords must include letters or numbers
    • Keywords cannot include special characters.
    • Keywords must be at least one word, but can also be more than one word. For example: CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

    Some Text-Em-All keyword features include: 

    • The ability to assign multiple text numbers to a specific SMS keyword, giving organizations the flexibility to use the SMS keyword across teams
    • Unlimited SMS keywords.

    SMS Keywords are currently only available to our Pay-As-You-Go customers, and per our Responsible Use Policy, cannot be used for SMS marketing campaigns.

    Running SMS Keyword Campaigns

    To run a SMS keyword campaign, send a text message to your contacts listing either a single or multiple keywords. From there, contacts will respond from their mobile phone with the unique SMS keyword of their choice, triggering an automatic text message response.

    Keep in mind, each SMS keyword auto reply will use the corresponding amount of credits (160 characters per credit). We will only send one auto reply per contact in a 12 hour period to limit unnecessary credit usage. Learn how to create a SMS keyword.

    SMS Keyword Examples 

    • In response to a job posting: APPLY
    • In response to a service opportunity: SERVE
    • In response to an appointment reminder: CONFIRM
    • In response to a event invitation: ATTENDING
    • To speak with a customer service representative: CUSTOMER SERVICE

    Auto Replies: Ensure contacts always get a response

    What is an Auto Reply? 

    Timely and efficient communication is key to keeping your business in good standing with your contacts, but what happens when you’re unavailable? Avoid leaving your contacts unmonitored with our new auto reply text messages feature. This new automation allows you to set up text message auto replies permanently or for a set period of time. This allows you to constantly stay in touch with your contacts. Auto-replies are only available for our Pay-As-You-Go customers and per our Responsible Use Policy, cannot be used for text message marketing campaigns.

    Similar to a SMS keyword, each auto reply will use the corresponding amount of credits, and we will only send one auto reply per contact in a 12 hour period. Learn how to create an auto-reply.

    Auto Reply Examples 

    • While you’re on vacation
    • Outside of your office hours
    • If the recipient should call you instead
    • If the phone number is no longer in use

    Can I Provide Feedback on These New Features?

    Let us know what you think about our new features, and suggest future additions to our platform using our Product Feedback Forum.

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