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How to Reduce SMS Opt-Outs: 8 Helpful Strategies

Reaching your audience in the palm of their hand through texting is a valuable tool. However, if you’re receiving many opt-outs, it’s likely your...

how to measure and improve your delivery rate

How to Measure and Improve Your SMS Delivery Rate

Businesses and organizations constantly seek innovative ways to reach and engage with their audience. SMS messaging has emerged as a powerful way to...

How to Gauge Success: 6 SMS KPIs

Whether you're a business, nonprofit organization, educational institution, or any other entity, reaching your target audience via SMS can be a...

sms response rate

SMS Response Rate: Why It’s Important and How to Improve It

Mass texting services have emerged as a powerful tool for reaching large audiences quickly and conveniently. However, the ultimate effectiveness of a...

sms analytics

Harnessing the Power of SMS Analytics and Reporting

While sending out mass messages is the first step to an effective business communication strategy, monitoring and analyzing your SMS analytics...