The Conversations Feature

The bottom line is that you use the conversations feature when you need a documented,
seamless way of engaging with a contact one-on-one through text, either after they've replied to a mass broadcast you sent them or when you need to contact that person individually.

  • View, manage and respond to replies from sent text broadcasts
  • Receive incoming text messages sent directly to the text-enable number associated with your account
  • Incoming text messages are free for all pricing plans
  • Monthly Plan: Outbound messages are included at no additional cost
  • PAYG Plan: Outbound messages are one credit per 160 characters or two credits for MMS (image)
  • An Unlimited Conversations option is available for those on the PAYG pricing plan
  • Auto Opts-Outs will automatically opt contacts out of communications that indicate they no longer wish to be reached. 

    conversations gif


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